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Leisure Leash Works Well

What dog owner wouldn’t like a hand’s-free leash providing “Freedom of the Leash from the Mountains to the Beach”?

The Leisure Leash ($17.95-$18.95) seemed simple enough: a nylon slip collar, two D rings, a nylon lead handle, and a small carabiner holding it all together. The pooch wears both around his neck, like a double collar. To use the handle, simply unhook it. Use it as one long leash or something shorter.

Initially, this dog owner, however, encountered user error. The outfit went on OK, but then after using the handle, it flopped down to the ground and went underneath Joe, who dragged it through the dirt and poison oak; he may have even peed on it.

Then the aha moment came when it all made sense and fit back together, like the double collar it was initially, a truly cool idea that made running with my buddy safe and easy.

Try one today: “Owner Approved Teaching & Fun, Dog Approved Freedom to Run.”

Main article photo by: courtesy of the Leisure Leash