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Leashes, Collars, and Other Stuff

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Leashes. Can a dog mom ever have enough of them? Thanks to Pink Papyrus, a doggie lifestyle brand that “cares” about the planet, test dog Wiley has a new one in heavy rotation. In fact, it is her main at-the-office leash.

It’s green (hand-dyed from vegetable dye) and made from 100 percent organic cotton — and hefty, at 6 feet long and 1 inch in diameter. At 32ish pounds, Wiley probably is better suited for a small/medium leash (5 to 60 pounds), not the medium/large (60 to 120 pounds), Bay Woof received. But this leash ($36) is soft and supple yet beefy and strong; it’s something to hold on to but feels good in the hand. Besides a brass swivel snaphook to attach to a collar, it also has a 1-inch diameter brass O ring — for attaching accessories like a poop bag — on the handle loop. The ends are finished with a hand-stitched leather tag plus a little shiny gold bling.

Consumers who visit the Pink Papyrus website ( can learn about the evils of nylon, a predominant pet industry material staple that uses coal and petroleum derivatives.

“At Pink Papyrus, we believe that caring about pups, people, and the planet are always in style,” the company states, praising cotton over nylon, which requires more energy and water to produce and contributes nitrous oxide in production as well as water pollution. “We are committed to sourcing organic, environmentally friendly, and chemical-free textiles for use in our leashes. To further reduce our footprint on the environment, we’ve forgone the use of heavy machinery and instead committed to hand crafting each leash.”



Wiley’s previous collar was made of hemp and colored purple. It was purchased for but never worn by her late predecessor. Now that she’s the No. 1 household dog, she deserves her own style and color.

Currently, she is wearing a “Can’t Stink, Won’t Stink” Dry Collar Collar ($26) in teal from Stunt Puppy ( Made in Minnesota, these collars are “designed for dogs on the move,” such as hunting, field, and water dogs — including surfing pooches. The company calls the material “BioThane” and describes it as remaining flexible in extreme conditions. The collar also has dual D rings — one for the leash, one for the tags. (There’s also a hole in the buckle for attaching tags if one prefers.) The idea is the two D rings mean you don’t have to reach under your dog’s neck to clip the leash and then spin the buckle and tags all the way up to the top of the neck. They are sized in small and medium, and I had to exchange a medium for a small.

It’s a good product and quality made, an ethos that seems to apply to the rest of the Stunt Puppy line — other collars, leashes, IDs, outwear, harnesses, and lifejackets. Details include tubular webbing, eye-catching patterns, one-hand swivel snaps, bar tack stitching Duraflex buckles and reflective trim. Stunt Puppy is a sponsor of the upcoming World Dog Surfing Championships in August in Pacifica.

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