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Doggie in the Window November 2019

Adopt Me From Rescue The Underdog

At press time, these dogs were available from Rescue the Underdog, which operates throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Founder Curt Klaus is based in San Francisco, and most of the volunteers are on the Peninsula. To see more animals and to learn more about these dogs, visit



Allie, 12, who weighs 18 pounds, loves walks but is also content to be a couch potato. She’ll jump on your lap or snuggle right up to you and often burrows to the very bottom of her blankets. She is not a barker and gets along with other dogs but not cats. In winter, she adores wearing jackets and sweats but likes to bare it all in the summer. Allie’s a standout for good behavior. 



Charritos, 12, is a chubby chi who is blind, but that doesn’t slow this little guy down on his adventurers. He still has a spring in his step, a strut in his stride, and some spunk in his spirit. In other words, Charittos has attitude. He loves long naps, body massages, cats, and kids but not other dogs. A quiet guy who adores food, he is quite easy to take care of, and doesn’t need long walks.



Raleigh, an 8-year-old 9-pound Chihuahua mix, is a very shy, loving, handsome little guy. He takes some time to warm up, but when he does, he will only have eyes for you. Loving and cuddly, he is fine with lying on the couch and hanging out alone. His perfect companion is someone who will make him feel safe and secure and help him learn about the world. He wants to be your No. 1 and will reward you with lots of kisses. 



Elsie, 8, is a sweet and silly little Chi mix who is affectionate, enjoys pets and a good belly rub, and gives occasional sweet kisses. She loves to walk and will eap off the couch at a mere leash jingled. She also stands on her hind legs when she wants something, looking like a cute little kangaroo. Elsie loves food, treats, and chews and wants to be the center of attention. She can be fearful around new people and needs some coaxing to feel comfortable.



Lucky, also an 8-year-old 9-pound Chihuahua mix, has a heart of gold. Once you win this dog’s heart, she will make you her best friend. At first, she can be a bit stand-offish, but once she adjusts to her environment, she wants to be in your lap all the time.  Lucky has a mellow temperament and loves to relax and snuggle and is very friendly to all. She is a great companion and a great mothering dog to the puppies in her foster home.