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Canine Classics Is a Kick

Dick Bright and his band, the Dick Bright Orchestra, were longtime popular headliners at the San Francisco SPCA’s annual fundraiser, the Bark & Whine Ball. The Marin resident knew how to work—and win over—his crowd, often making up dog-related lyrics to the well-known pop tunes his band played.

Bright and Tommy Dunbar, his production partner, have put 11 songs together on a CD contained in lovely little hardback book featuring photos of Dottie, Bright’s American bulldog, and presumably some doggie friends, plus all the lyrics to the songs. It’s called Canine Classics, Volume 1 (Caninica Productions, $19.95), and, yes, Volume 2 is in the works.

Can you say hella cute?

Personal faves: “S.P.C.A.,” “Love Will Find a Stray,” “Turning Pekingese,” “Chihuahua,” and “Stay.” There are one or two dogs in the bunch, but for the most part, the CD (an image of a bowl full of kibble), the photos, the lyrics, and Dottie’s “comments” are real kicks. Get it at, where you can hear song excerpts.

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Main article photo by: courtesy of Canine Classics