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Bison and Buffalo Treats

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Good and Stinky

Since Bay Woof test dog Wiley is timid in urban settings, I’m always on the lookout for high-value stinky treats that will trump her fear factor. Her normal treats just won’t do — she’s always on high alert in the Jack London Square Warehouse District. 

Enter Nutra Bites by Ultimate Pet Nutrition. Nutra Bites are bite-sized, low-calorie treats made with bison liver, said to be loaded with vitamins (A and B), minerals (iron, cooper, phosphorus, zinc) and essential fatty acids. It’s 100 percent raw bison liver, yum, that has been freeze dried.

They come in roughly 1-inch rectangles that feel like cardboard, but they are very breakable, so I can give Wiley the tiniest of morsels to get her to look at me instead of the scary painter, gardener, or construction worker. They are a bit stinky, at least from a human point of view, but even these tasty morsels won’t work when a marauding skateboarder flies toward us on the sidewalk.

These gems are free of additives and fillers, and the bison liver has generally higher nutrient content than beef liver while being leaner and lower in calories. The treats may help the immune system and provide umph for skin, fur, muscle tone, and even digestion. 

If Wiley’s approval isn’t good enough for you, know that Dr. Gary Richter of Holistic Veterinary Care is associated with these treats and the Ultimate Pet Nutrition line. 

A 4-ounce package goes for $24.99 at

Parts Are Parts

Meanhwhile, Bay Woof received some buffalo treats from Honey I’m Home! chews, specifically natural honey coated lung bites, crunchy ears, and udder sticks. Good thing neither the editor nor Wiley is squeamish.

Free-range water buffalo are the source of these Wiley-approved snacks. There are many other varieties besides ears, lung bites, and udder sticks, including jerky strips, bully sticks, neck-bone steaks, rib drumsticks, liver sticks, trachea tubes, liver wafers, and horn core.

The buffalo ear is about as big as Wiley’s ear, and she loves it, but I’m making it last — because I noticed some blood on the edge of the ear, a sign she was probably working it too hard and too eagerly. Office dog Oso wouldn’t eat his in the office and presumably took it home to hide it for a later snack.

A husky mix, Wiley could easilty chomp down and scarf up the lung bites and udder sticks no prob; both are a bit more supple than the ear, and neither has given her any intestinal distress. And she seems to like the honey, so maybe Wiley is a sweet-and-savory kind of girl.

I suppose it’s a good thing that all of an animal’s parts are making their way into dog treats, but I honestly don’t really like to think about it much. A four-pack of ears (2.82 ounces) sells for $9.99, the lung bites are 9.99 for 3.1 ounces, and the udder sticks are $9.99 for 4.0 ounces. Learn more at 

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