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Beast of the Bay 2019

Hooray for All Things Dog

Party time. Pull out your party hats and noisemakers and crack open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate Bay Woof’s 2019 Beast of the Bay winners. Kudos and congratulations are in order for this year’s 100 winners in our annual celebration of all things dog.

This makes No. 11 in our annual contest. This year’s poll began with a call for reader-nominated candidates on our online ballot in April. After readers had a chance to nominate their favorites, we set up a second ballot, allowing readers to chose a winner from the top vote-getters in May and June. The last step was singling out the winners for honors, which takes some time. That roughly will be our timeframe for 2020, too. Now we’ll waste no time getting to the 100 winners. We’ve also included runners up when applicable.

Party on.




Photo by US Department of the Interior CC

Best Dog-Friendly Politician
Jerry Brown
Former Gov. Jerry Brown earns another win this year. Now living on his ranch in Colusa County, the dog-loving two-time governor and wife, Anne Gust Brown, have added a border doodle, Cali Brown, to their herding pack. She joins Pembroke Welsh corgi mix Colusa “Lucy” Brown in making the rounds at the ranch where the livestock includes horses, donkeys, goats, sheep and chickens. The Brown’s original First Dog was Sutter Brown, a corgi.

Runners up: Rep. Jackie Speier,; State Sen. Scott Wiener,; Former SF Supervisor Katy Tang.

Best Thing to Happen to Bay Area Dogs in the Past Year

AB 485: Pet Store Operators: Dogs, 
Cats, and Rabbits
Hazzah! Pets are now legally recognized as beloved beings that require adoption and not purchase thanks to this landmark legislation. Unless dogs, cats, or rabbits come to pet stores from shelters, they are not up for sale. Animal advocates throughout California are rejoicing with this new law that ensures that animals are treated with the respect and dignity that all adorable, four-legged angels deserve. Well done, CA. Onto the next!

Runners up: SB 67, Medicinal Cannabis and Medicinal Cannabis Products, Veterinary Medicine,; Bay Area Pet Fair,; Plans for New SF ACC Facilities,; Corgi Con,; Pup Plaza, Silicon Valley Pet Project,

Best Dog-Friendly Workplace
Furry Friends Pet Relief
This 100 percent volunteer-run organization offers free pet food to families in need five days a week. Also providing low-cost spay and neuter services, Furry Friends Pet Relief is dedicated to ensuring that all pet owners have the necessities to raise happy, healthy animals. One of the many perks of volunteering here is that you can bring your pumpkin with you. While sharing much-needed resources with the community, the team members here keeps their beloved fur-babies nearby. This is dog love at its best. 516 W. Second St. # A, Antioch, 925-240-3178,

Runners up: Google, Mountain View,; High Tail Hotel, San Francisco,; Workday, Pleasanton,

Sports & Recreation

DOGs_Crissey Field_Nancy Wong CC

Photo by Nancy Wong CC

Best View with a Dog
Crissy Field
The iconic Golden Gate Bridge, check. A sailboat-dotted San Francisco Bay, check. Wind in your face: check. Grassy meadows where dogs of all types frolic off leash: check. Vistas of rolling hills of brown, green, and gold in the distance: check. No wonder Crissy Field gets the top vote for best view with a dog. 415-561-4700,

Runners up: Fort Funston, San Francisco,; Berkeley Hills; Point Isabel Regional Shoreline, Richmond, Point Isabel; Walter Haas Dog Play Area, San Francisco,

Best Dog Park
Fort Funston
Cliffs, beaches, wind, fog — a dog can hardly ask for anything more, and this is certified off-leash paradise for romping dogs and their humans. There are miles and mles of trails for hiking and views that won’t disappoint. Dogs love running along the beach. While some plow into the water, others stay just beyond the edge of the tide. Fort Funston Road, San Francisco, 415-561-4700,

Runners up: Point Isabel Regional Shoreline, Richmond,; Stern Grove (Sigmund Stern Recreation Grove), San Francisco,; Hap Magee Ranch Park, Canine Corral, Danville,—Canine-Corral.

Best Hiking Trails
East Bay Regional 
Park District
What dog is not in his happiest element trekking through the natural beauty of the forest? In the East Bay Regional Park District, the trails are vast and the possibilities for puppy joy are endless. Scamper along Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve to savor 208 acres of mountain greenery and breathtaking views or jaunt through 444 acres of San Ramon Valley’s Bishop Ranch Open Space Regional Preserve for tree-lined trails and pristine landscapes to fit any dog’s daydream.

Runners up: Fort Funston, San Francisco,; Land’s End, San Francisco,; Glen Canyon Park, San Francisco,; Almaden Quicksilver County Parks, San Jose,

Best Canine Sports Event
Oakland A’s
Bark in the Park
The Coliseum transforms into a celebratory dog-dwelling paradise every year at the annual summer Oakland A’s Bark in the Park event, so if you’re looking for a way to bring your pup’s unstoppable cuteness into the rowdy, crowd-rousing fun of the ballpark, this is the place. Tickets are affordable (about $30) and allow you to watch the plays while your precious pooch pants alongside you. She’ll be treated to views of the field as you imbibe in a cool brew or some hot chicken strips and fries (peanuts, popcorn, or pretzels are also an option). Game on! 7000 Coliseum Way, Oakland, 510-638-4900,

Runners up: World Dog Surfing Championships, Linda Mar Beach, Pacifica,; Flyball,; K9 Gladiators,; Barn Hunt,

Best Dog Play Group/Event
Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA
If your dog needs to work on social skills and you live on the Peninsula, the dog day mornings (and puppy playgroups) on offer at the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA could be just what your boy or girls needs. This is a good opportunity for socializing, especially for those dogs who may yearn for a buddy but live in a one-dog household. Nothing better than sniffing butts. Tom & Annette Lantos Center for Compassion, 1450 Rollins Rd., Burlingame, 650-340-7022,

Runners up: Dodger’s Paws, Pleasanton,; Good Dog Day Care, Hayward,



Photo by Arzul CC

Best Day Trip With Dog
Dog-friendly cafes. Dog-friendly restaurants. Dog-friendly hotels. Dog-friendly galleries. Dog-friendly businesses. Dog-frienly beaches. Carmel-by-the-Sea is one dog-friendly, dog-crazed town, so cruise on downtown or head to the sea for a canine adventure to remember.

Runners-up: Half Moon Bay,; Santa Cruz,; Stinson Beach,

Best Dog-Friendly Lodging
Stanford Inn by the Sea, Mendocino
The land of the luxe is in the lap of Mendocino and it comes with five-star pet service at Stanford Inn by the Sea, the renowned lodge for four-leggers who appreciate a high standard of pampering. Steel bowls, fluffy beds, fireplaces, and unforgettable views have made this standalone empire one of the most beautiful and unmatched pet-family destinations for more than 30 years. It’s the go-to getaway that boasts not only cush accommodations but an award-winning vegetarian restaurant featuring sea palm and root vegetable strudel and maple-tamari-glazed tofu, among other unique offerings. Book it. Today. You’ll thank yourself. 44850 Comptche Ukiah Rd., Mendocino, 707-937-5615,

Runners up: Kimpton Hotels,; Good Dog Day Care, Hayward,; Motel 6,

Woofing the Web

Best Dog Blog
The dogmeisters at DogTrekker keep things interesting on the website’s blog, Paw Press Blog. From destinations and attractions to visit to important food or product recalls and just plain pet wellness advice, this blog covers lots of bases. It’s a dandy way way to learn about promotions and special offers, too, plus dog park news, and just general interest dog stuff. Congrats, DogTrekker.

Runner up:

Best Dog-Friendly Travel Website
Bring Fido
Camping? Golfing? Fetching luxury accommodations? Put your paws to the keyboard and find where you can do all your favorite things with your most favorite pal at Bring Fido. Whether you’re on your way to Florida to hit the beach or to St. Helena to taste unparalleled wines and food, stop here for the inside information on how to take your trip from basic to breathtaking. Ready to take Fido to France? Check the stats here for the best bets and get ready for a four-legged take-off in the most adorable fashion.

Runner up: Dog Trekker,

Best Online Dog Boutique
We all know the name because our dogs sing it as soon as they wake up. is the epicenter of all things tasty, chewable, and dog-tastic. Cozy, comfy beds, snug-as-a-pug pajamas, collars and tags, lovable stuffy friends — bears, ducks, giraffes — and, of course, chewies, are all a touch away at this galleria of dog necessities. Everything from clean-up bags and cones to dried chicken tenders are literally an online order away. Fido will give hugs and kisses immediately.

Runners up: Paw Patch Pastries:; Brindle Market:

Best Online Vet Advice
Pet MD
When they need quick, easy-to-understand info about pet care, Bay Woof readers like what has to say. The pet health and pet nutrition information website has a big selection of veterinarian-authored articles with data on symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of common and not-so-usual diseases and conditions. It’s not a substitute for your vet, but this outfit can add understanding to anyone’s pet-related questions.

Runners up: Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care,;’s Vet Buzz; Fuzzy Pet Health,

Best Online Adoption Site
Muttville Senior 
Dog Rescue
Looking for a cuddle partner? Like calm walks along the water? Muttville has every love-seeking angel you could want to meet. The pack here is made up of mature darlings who can’t wait to be forever companions. Click on over to connect with dozens of furry cuties—from Chihuahuas and Boston Terriers to Papillon-Poodle mixes and Pit Bulls—and find the friend you’ve been waiting for. 255 Alabama St., San Francisco, 415-272-4172,

Runners up:; Animal Rescue Foundation,; Furry Friends Pet Rescue,; Jake’s Wish Pet Rescue,; Copper’s Dream Rescue,

Best Overall Website for Dog Lovers
Shop, shop, shop for your pet, by animal, by brand, by pharmacy, by daily deals. In short, when you land your browser here, you’ve entered the rabbit hole of pet-centric animal products. From essentials to splurges and all points in between, seems bent on keeping every dog happy by selling just about anything imaginable.

Runners up:;;; Brindle Market,

Food & Drink


Photo courtesy Big Dog Vineyards

Best Dog-Friendly Winery — Peninsula & South Bay
Big Dog Vineyards
The next time you feel like wine tasting in the South Bay, stop by Big Dog Vineyards, and be sure to ask about Daisy, a Great Dane and the winery’s namesake. The view from the farmhouse porch is lovely, and umbrellas shade the back patio. From chards, cabs and zins to blends, you’re sure to find something you like. 4545 Felter Rd., Milpitas, 669-BIG-DOG5 (244-3645),

Runners up: A Grape in the Fog, Pacifica,; The Mountain Winery, Saratoga,; Testarossa Winery, Los Gatos,; Aver Family Vineyards, Gilroy,

Best Fresh Water Bowl — East Bay
Paws & Claws
This Dimond district pet emporium has been meeting natural pet needs for about 15 years and strives to put products positive for the environment into the hands of its customers. From premium pet foods to the latest raw-frozen varieties to natural herbal, homeopathic, and medicinal remedies, this friendly pet store can help consumers make more informed choices about what goes into or onto their pets. Toys, accoutrements, a salon, and teeth-cleaning options round out the offerings. 3436 Dimond Ave., Oakland,

Runners up: Holistic Veterinary Care, Oakland,; Molly’s Pup-er-ee, Danville,; Good Dog Day Care, Hayward,; Alden Lane Nursery, Livermore,

Best Dog Yappy Hour — East Bay
Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, Concord and Dublin
When the evening calls for a relaxing break on the patio of your favorite neighborhood spot, Lazy Dog delivers the chill atmosphere, the cool brews, and, of course, the specialty dog menu for your best four-legged pal. Order a grilled hamburger patty with brown rice for Fido and savor jackfruit falafel tacos for yourself at this popular dog-friendly venue dedicated to seasonal foods and all things excellent in canine cuisine. 1961 Diamond Blvd., Concord, 925-849-1221, and 4805 Hacienda Dr., Dublin, 925-361-3690,

Runner up: Good Dog Day Care, Hayward,

Best Dog Yappy Hour — San Francisco
Barebottle Brewing Company
A brew with your best furry friend in a sprawling warehouse space with accident-resistant concrete floors, shiny vats of beer, upscale picnic-style wooden tables with benches and space for sprawling aside or underneath, plus a food truck parked just outside the doorway. This pet-and-kid-friendly brewery is just waiting for you, so see what you’ve been missing. 1525 Cortland Ave., San Francisco, 415-291-2404,

Runners up: Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods,; Paw Patch Pastries,

Best Dog Yappy Hour — Peninsula & South Bay
Half Moon Bay 
Brewing Co.
Bright golden woods, an expansive bar, and a glorious patio where you and your pooch can cozy up for a nightcap makes Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. a go-to for yappy hours in the Bay Area. Your fur baby can enjoy bacon and eggs while you sip on a hoppy IPA or delicious amber ale in the cool summer air. Every Monday through Friday from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., you can imbibe craft beers, munch on nachos or Parmesan truffle fries, and spend quality pup time with your lovebug, relishing the best things in life — namely, every minute with that beloved bestie by your side. 390 Capistrano Rd., Half Moon Bay, 650-728-2739,

Runners up: Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, Newark,; Hapa’s Brewing Company, San Jose,

Best Fresh Water Bowl — San Francisco
Pawtrero BathHouse 
& Feed Company
Lap it up, little ones. When you stop by Pawtrero BathHouse & Feed Company, your pooch will be greeted by a bowl of with delicious, clean water that’s filled with love. This San Francisco business is devoted to providing nutritious, healthful products to keep your pup happy and thriving. After a visit to the fresh water, treat your pooch to a dip in one of the raised tubs that allow for an easy suds-and-rinse experience that will leave you both rejuvenated and ready for the day. 199 Mississippi St., 415-863-7297, and 199 Brannan St., 415-882-7297,

Runner’s up: Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods,; Paw Patch Pastries,; Spike’s Coffee and Teas,

Best Free Treats — East Bay
Pet Food Express
Walk into just about any Pet Food Express, and there’s bound to be a hefty amount of samples of treats and food out so that finicky dogs can taste beforehand what their pet parents might be buying for them. On a recent weekend, our local store was serving up samples from Just Food For Dogs, and test dog Wiley gobbled it right up. A shy retiring type, Wiley often gets extra treats from the helpful sales folks whose pockets are often crammed with good stuff to help her comer out of her shell.

Runners up: Paws & Claws,; Furry Friends Pet Relief,; Waggin Tails Pet Supplies,

Best Free Treats — San Francisco
Pet Food Express
Located throughout the Bay Area, Pet Food Express specialty stores offer delectable nibbles to all guests that scamper, strut, or skip through the front door. Before you begin your hunt for the right bag of goodies to add to your home’s snack-cubby, Fido can enjoy a quick bite from a friendly staff member at the front counter. Who doesn’t appreciate a shopping trip that starts with a little pampering? At this long-standing purveyor of fine canine fare, the treats are just the beginning.

Runner’s up: Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods,; Paw Patch Pastries,; Village Pets & Supplies,; SFRAW,

Best Free Treats — Peninsula & South Bay
Pet Food Express
Same drill here at Pet Food Express locations on the Peninsula and in the South Bay as in the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area: Samples are set out, the employees often have plenty of bribes in their pockets, and you just might be able to get someone to open something specific if your furbaby is particularly picky.

Runners up: Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, Half Moon Bay,; Bow Wow Meow, San Carlos,; Gussied Up Dog Boutique, San Jose,; Pet’s Delight, Los Altos, PetsDelight

Best Dog-Friendly Restaurant — East Bay
Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, Concord
Start with the goat cheese and pepper jelly appetizer or a bowl of asparagus soup before moving on to a pork belly BLT or plate of Alaskan halibut at this venerable Concord restaurant with an enclosed patio. It’s the destination for cozy dinners with your pooch in tow because Fido will be treated to his own special menu featuring chicken breast, grilled hamburger, and brown rice. He’ll be in the lap of happiness as he snuggles at your feet by the fire pit while you sip on a refreshing coconut mojito. You will enjoy every minute at this popular pup-friendly eatery. 1961 Diamond Blvd., Concord, 925-849-1221, LazyDog

Runners up: Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, Dublin,; Zephyr Grill & Bar, Livermore,

Best Dog-Friendly Restaurant — Peninsula & South Bay
Half Moon Bay Brewing Company
Get your locally crafted beers with an incredible view of Half Moon Bay and some delicious bites. This brewery has an airy patio area for you and Fido to take in the ocean breeze. 390 Capistrano Rd., Half Moon Bay, 650-728-2739,

Runners up: Sam’s Chowder House, Half Moon Bay,; Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, Cupertino,; Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, Newark,

Best Dog-Friendly Bar — East Bay
Fieldwork Brewing Co.
What’s better than dogs and beer? Not much. Pull up a chair and hold your pooch close at this Berkeley brewery featuring craft pilsners, sour ales, IPAs, and pale ales. With fare from nearby restaurant Comal, including tamales and grilled cheese sandwiches, Fieldwork offers a perfect pup-tastic environment where you and your fur baby will feel warm and welcome. Happy hour just got cuter. 1160 Sixth St., Berkeley, 510-898-1203,

Runners up: Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, Newark,; 21st Amendment Brewery, San Leandro,; Beer Baron Bar & Kitchen, Berkeley,; First Street Alehouse, Livermore,; Armistice Brewing Company, Richmond,

Best Dog-Friendly Bar — San Francisco
Trick Dog Bar
Park yourself and your pooch, too, in this converted warehouse where dogs rule the spirit of the place. Craft cocktails and small plates can satisfy your thirst and hunger, and even if your dog doesn’t do tricks, he’s sure to be a hit here at this hip place. 3010 20th St, San Francisco, 415-471-2999,

Runners up: El Rio, San Francisco,; Black Hammer Brewing, San Francisco,; Harmonic Brewery, San Francisco,; Doc’s Clock, San Francisco,

Best Dog-Friendly Bar — Peninsula & South Bay
Half Moon Bay Brewing Company
Buckle up your pup and head to Half Moon Bay Brewing Company for a memorable afternoon of delicious craft beers and custom dog treats. This fave has taken home top honors before and is doing it again as the go-to spot for a cold drink, a warm meal, and a live music show shared with your favorite furry friend. Enjoy a Dungeness crab roll or an Impossible burger paired with an IPA or amber ale and ease into an eating experience that your pooch will adore. 390 Capistrano Rd., Half Moon Bay, 650-728-2739,

Runners up: 7 Mile House Sports Bar & Grill, Brisbane,; Golden State Brewery, Santa Clara,; Hapa’s Brewing Company, San Jose,; Camino Brewing, San Jose,

Best Dog-Friendly Coffeehouse — East Bay
Timeless Coffee
Watch morning life go by on Piedmont Avenue with your dog by your side with a seat at one of the red outdoor bistro tables. This all-vegan coffeehouse/coffee roastery, bakery, and chocolatier prepares almost-too-pretty to eat cakes, pastries, cookies, and sweet treats — but once you take a bite, there’s no stopping until every crumb is gone. Lots of savories, too, so you can swing by later in the day for lunch. 4252 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, 510-985-1360, and 2965 College Ave., Berkeley, 510-990-6592,

Runners up: Earthly Coffee and Tea, Oakland,; Catahoula Coffee Co., Richmond,; Casse-Croûte Bakery, Livermore; Eko Coffee Bar and Tea House, Hayward,

Best Dog-Friendly Coffeehouse — San Francisco
Duboce Park Café
When the skies are sunny and it’s time to savor a cloudless afternoon with your trusty dog, take a seat at an outdoor table at Duboce Park Café. With an iced macchiato or chai crush in hand, you’ll be set up for a sublime Saturday in San Francisco’s Duboce Triangle neighborhood. If you’re not in the mood for coffee or smoothies, help yourself to a banana split or a milkshake. Your pooch is sure to help you finish the whipped cream. 2 Sanchez St., San Francisco, 415-621-1108,

Runners’ up: Spike’s Cofee and Teas,; Le Marais Bakery,; Nook,; La Stazione Coffee & Wine Bar,

Best Dog-Friendly Coffeehouse — Peninsula & South Bay
Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company, Los Gatos
Find and enjoy a sense of community at this neighborly coffee house, coffee roaster, and live music venue that’s been going strong since 1982. Grab your coffee and a sweet or savory treat and then sit on the wide ledge outside with a dog’s-view of the inner café goings on. 101 W. Main St., Los Gatos, 408-354-3263,

Runner’s up: Roy’s Station Coffee & Teas, San Jose,; Chromatic Coffee, San Jose; Academic Coffee, San Jose,

Best Dog-Friendly Winery — East Bay
Wente Vineyards, Livermore
The beauty is unparalleled, so you’ll feel whisked away when you embark on your wine adventure at this Livermore estate with three tasting rooms. Sip buttery chardonnays and smoky syrahs in the sunshine while Fido basks in the cool breeze. Seasonal cuisine is available and delicious, and your pup won’t mind if you share a bite with him as he lies in the grass on the outdoor grounds. Your pooch can’t go inside with you, but he’ll love the time spent in the outside glory of this truly elegant winery. 5565 Tesla Rd., Livermore, 925-456-2305,

Runners up: 3 Steves Winery, Livermore,; Cuda Ridge Wines, Livermore,

Best Dog Bakery
Paw Patch Pastries
Clam chowder stix, beastro bites, and beef liver chips await your devoted doggie at this nutritious fur-baby bakery in the Portrero Hill neighborhood. Prepared without any unnecessary preservatives, the treats at this 9-year-old sweet shop will have your four-legger wagging her tail in circles. For her birthday, Paw Patch will create a custom cake as simple or extravagant as you can imagine. Paw Patch will even cater the party with “puppetizers” and pooch-friendly beverages to make it that much more “pawsome.” 701 Pennsylvania Ave., San Francisco, 415-598-9663, PawPatch

Runner up: Le Marcel Bakery for Dogs, San Francisco,



Photo Courtesy Holistic Hound

Best Pet Boutique — East Bay
Holistic Hound
Food, treats, supplements, flea and tick control, grooming supplies, collars, toys: Yep, Berkeley’s Holistic Hound has all that — and a lot more. With am emphasis on natural pet products and complementary therapies, Holistic Hound believes in a holistic approach for furry family members, thanks to trained homeopath and founder Heidi Hill. This Berkeley mainstay can help clear up any confusion over the supplies and products it carries. 1510 Walnut St., #A, Berkeley, 510-843-2133,

Runners up: Molly’s Pup-Purr-ee, Danville,, Danville; Paws & Claws, Oakland,; Waggin Tails Pet Supplies, Union City,; Furry Friends Pet Relief, Antioch,

Best Pet Boutique — San Francisco
Pawtrero Bathhouse 
& Feed Co.
Stop in for a snack (like a braided crown bully or some elk jerky), try the raised bath tubs, pick up some hot-spot salve, or grab a plush koi toy for playtime at this full-service boutique. Founded by two friends in 2002, Pawtrero is devoted to providing nutritious nibbles and all-things dog-positive to ensure your pup is a bundle of cheer throughout the year. Don’t miss the festive event days that support local rescue organizations for afternoons of swag bags and fun. 199 Mississippi St., 415-863-7297, and 199 Brannan St., 415-882-7297,

Runners up: Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods,; Noe Valley Pet Company,; Paw Patch Pastries,; The Animal House,

Best Pet Boutique — Peninsula & South Bay
Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA, Furchandise
When you shop at Furchandise, you help animals thato need assistance at the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA. This PHS-SPCA store has cute animal-related items for you and your dog and cat, so pop in today. 1450 Rollins Road, Burlingame, 650-340-7022,,

Runners up: Gussied Up Dog Boutique, San Jose,; Biscuits – Give a Dog a Bone, San Jose,; Pet’s Delight, Los Altos,

Best Doggie Birthday Presents — East Bay
Holistic Hound
Happy Birthday, baby dog! Whether she’s turning 3 or 13, your angel will love every chicken foot, poultry neck (duck, turkey, or chicken), elk antler, and pig heart in the store. This is a well-loved, trusted Berkeley location that’s been serving the best of canine cuisine since 2003. Pick up Tico the Sloth or Willie the Orca for a dose of adorable plush fun and when you get home, your little one will be ready for the best possible treats and playtime he could want. Plus, Holistic Hound has the cutest collars around, like the bright red foxy design that will have any pooch feeling like the coolest pup on the block. Go here. It’s adorable. 1510 Walnut St. #A, Berkeley, 510-843-2133,

Runners up: Waggin Tails Pet Supplies, Union City,; Dog Mah Spa Boutique & Barkery, San Ramon,; Furry Friends Pet Relief, Antioch,; 
Holisitc Veterinary Care, Oakland,

Best Doggie Birthday Presents — San Francisco
Paw Patch Pastries
Want your precious pup to be the envy of the canine neighborhood? Pick up a Paw Patch Pastries birthday cake and ice cream — or splurge and let Paw Patch cater a little poochie party for you and yours. You can leave everything to Paw Patch. You can always stop in and scoop up some special treats from the “barkery” and toss in a plush squeaky toy or two. Paw Patch is always a winner. Paw Patch Pastries, 701 Pennsylvania Ave., San Francisco, 415-598-9663,

Runners up: Le Marcel Bakery for Dogs,; The Animal House,; SFRAW Custom Cakes,; 
Cole Valley Pets; Cal’s Pet Supply,

Best Doggie Birthday Presents — Peninsula & South Bay
Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA, Furchandise
When birthday babies need surprise gifts, Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA has the best in pet products from majestic unicorn toys and Kong classics to diffusers and soft chewy treats. Buy a cute T-shirt for yourself to celebrate the day or a training class certificate for your favorite fur angel to learn how to be a canine good citizen. 1450 Rollins Rd., Burlingame, 650-340-7022,,

Runners up: Kibbles’n Gifts, Half Moon Bay,; Gussied Up Dog Boutique, San Jose,; Biscuits – Give a Dog a Bone, San Jose,; Pet’s Delight, Los Altos, PetsDelight; The Pet Place, Menlo Park,

Best Locally Made Dog Stuff
Paco Collars
Yes, as Paco Collars likes to say, it’s a store just for dog collars (and leashes), and the artisans here handcraft truly lovely ones from high-quality leather, beautiful stones, and durable buckles and snaps. Look at a Paco Collar as an investment, one that your loving wet-nosed, tail-wagging dog needs and deserves. There are many styles to choose from, or you can custom order one. It’s fun to play dress up with your dog here, too. 2245 Fifth St., Berkeley, 510-848-7226,

Runners up: For Your Dog Only Beds (FYDO), Berkeley,; Sadie’s Pet Products, San Ramon,; Wildebeest, San Francisco,; Brindle Market,; SFRAW, San Francisco,

Best Pet Superstore
Pet Food Express
Your dog can’t wait for you to bring her to one of these gallerias that offers everything from grain-free Greenies and marrow bones to LED safety collars and plush squirrel toys. Whether you’re dropping in for kibble or a cushy bed, this super pet plaza has your back and it will be a pleasure to wander the aisles with your four-legger by your side. There are self-serve baths (so you can wash that muddy sweetheart after park play) and wellness centers (so Fido can get nail trims, vaccines, or basic care as a walk-in client) during the week. Check for clinic hours.

Runners up: Petco,; PetSmart,

Health & Wellness


Photo courtesy Bishop Ranch Vet Center

Best Veterinary Clinic — East Bay
Bishop Ranch Vet Center & Urgent Care
Bishop Ranch puts the focus on the animals’ well-being and comfort, promising its “doctors and staff are committed to the belief that pets deserve medical care as advanced as their owners receive, yet as personal as the friendship they provide us.”  Bishop Ranch offers extended night an weekend hours for primary care appointments and emergency care, so it is open when many veterinary offices are closed. 2000 Bishop Drive, San Ramon, 925-866-8387,

Editor’s note: The above information has been modified so it is different from what appears in print.

Runners up: Holistic Veterinary Care, Oakland,; Creature Comfort Holistic Veterinary Center, Oakland,; Furry Friends Pet Relief, Antioch,; Uni Pet Clinic, Union City,

Best Veterinary Clinic — San Francisco
San Francisco SPCA
These are the innovators and leading force of modern animal medicine in the Bay Area. The SF SPCA originated the SPORE program, or Shelters Preventing Outbreaks of Ringworm through Education, to save the lives of thousands of kittens affected by ringworm and they are the standard in rescue response. Boasting two hospitals, one for shelter animals and one for owned darlings, it provides care and treatment for San Francisco pets year-round and 24 hours a day (at the Pacific Heights Campus). Need a medical expert who also understands that your pet is your whole heart? Make an appointment. 201 Alabama St., San Francisco, 415-544-3000,

Runners up: VCA All Pets Hospital, San Francisco,; Mission Pet Hospital, San Francisco,; San Francisco Health Pets Veterinary Hospital, San Francisco,

Best Veterinary Clinic — Peninsula & South Bay
SAGE Veterinary Centers
From its primary veterinarians to its specialists, SAGE Veterinary Centers looks at pet care this way: “They’re your fur babies … give them the awesome vet care they deserve.” To deliver, SAGE operates six centers: Campbell, Concord, Dublin, Redwood City, San Francisco, and San Carlos.

Runners up: Adobe Animal Hospital, Los Altos,; Pinnacle Animal Hospital, San Jose,

Best Veterinarian — East Bay
Dr. James Pogrel, 
Bishop Ranch Veterinary & Urgent Care
A longtime Bay Area veterinarian, Dr. James Pogrel has been treating beloved pets and practicing in the East Bay for more than 20 years. He has a special interest non-invasive diagnostics like ultrasound, endoscopy, and laparoscopy.  He is a graduate of the the UC Davis Veterinary School. When he’s not busy caring for patients, he is home with his lab, Piper, and the rest of his two-legged family or giving back to the community by supporting wildlife conservation efforts or  supporting career days at local middle and high schools. 2000 Bishop Dr., San Ramon, 925-866-8387,

Editor’s note: The above information has been modified to is different from what appeared in print.

Runners up: Dr. Gary Richter, Holistic Veterinary Care, Oakland,; Dr. April Ervin, Furry Friends Pet Relief, Antioch,; Dr. Brenda Mills, Integrative Veterinary Clinic, Livermore,; Dr. Laurie Noe, Well Pet Vet Clinic, Pittsburg,

Best Veterinarian — San Francisco
Dr. David Gordon, Mission Pet Hospital
At Mission Pet, Dr. David Gordon serves as the practice’s king of surgery, ultrasound, and alternative therapy, but he often makes an impression with his human clients for his thoughtfulness and sound judgment. A San Jose native, he studied veterinary medicine at UC Davis after having been an organic farmer and environmental educator. 20 Valencia St., San Francisco, 415-552-1969,

Runners up: Dr. Kelly McNair, Dogtor Calls Mobile Veterinary Hospital, Novato,; Dr. Winnie Ybarra, VCA, San Francisco,; Dr. Caitlin O’Donoghue, Fuzzy Pet Health,

Best Veterinarian — Peninsula & South Bay
Dr. Cristi Blackwolf, Adobe Animal Hospital
Superstar veterinarian Dr. Cristi Blackwolf is a veteran of medical care. For more than two decades, she has been treating animals at Adobe Hospital for ailments and illnesses, giving plenty of pet parents reason to sing her praises. She is an avid four-legger fan and is mom to not only six dogs, but two guinea pigs, five rats, and two horses. Her specialities include cancer and endoscopy, so if emergencies arise, she’s the one to call. 4470 El Camino Real, Los Altos, 650-948-9661,

Runners up: Dr. Michelle Forgy, Pinnacle Animal Hospital, San Jose,; Dr. Emmanuel Tama, Tama Veterinary Hospital, Milpitas,

Best Canine Chiropractor — East Bay
Dr. Margaret Holiday, Creature Comfort Holistic Veterinary Center
East Bay pet parents love Dr. Margaret Holiday, who works at several Bay Area veterinary practices that put alternative care first. Holiday is a longtime chiropractor for humans, too. Her passion for animals prompted her to gain chiropractic certification for animals. Bay Woof readers recognized her for work at Creature Comfort Holistic Veterinary Center. 501 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, 510-530-1373,

Runners up: Dr. Wendy Wallace, Walnut Creek Veterinary Hospital, Walnut Creek,; Dr. Lisa Koenig, Holistic Veterinary Care, Oakland,

Best Canine Chiropractor — Peninsula & South Bay
Dr. Ilana Strubel, A Well Adjusted Pet
The accolades don’t stop pouring in for this renowned veterinarian who has taken home Bay Woof top honors since 2012. In addition to acupuncture, she offers chiropractic care, massage, and behavior services along with nutrition consultations and hospice treatment. At A Well Adjusted Pet, the focus is on mind-body comfort and care, and Strubel is continuously training to be at the forefront of the veterinary field. Pet patients are in the most gentle, most thoughtful hands here. 1040 Palmetto Ave., Pacifica, 415-967-3861,

Runner up: Dr. Deb Sell, Next Level Chiropractic, San Jose,

Best Canine Massage Therapist — East Bay
Margaret Holiday, Creature Comfort Holistic Veterinary Center
Dr. Margaret Holiday earns kudos for massage techiques as well. She is best known for her chiropractic care. Creature Comfort Holistic Veterinary Center, 501 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, 510-530-1373,

Runner up: Tracy Pavon, Muller Veterinary Hospital, Walnut Creek, Muller

Best Canine Massage Therapist — San Francisco
Shelah Barr, 
Happy Hounds Massage & Fitness
Beloved, trusted, and talented are only a few of the adjectives used to describe this respected and multi-year winning pet massage therapist and fitness trainer who’s been giving a healing touch for the past 14 years. Shelah Barr helps seniors looking for gentle comfort and active pups that need some restorative care after long play sessions out in the field. Previously a professional tending to humans, in 2005 she transitioned into providing service to the cutest beings on the planet and she does it with health, longevity, and love in mind. The “barr” is truly set by this favorite among clients two- and four-legged alike. 3150 18th St., #239, San Francisco, 415-298-6756,

Runner up: Nicole Rosell, The Sams Clinic, Mill Valley,

Best Alternative Medicine Provider — East Bay
Bishop Ranch Veterinary Care & Urgent Center
Pets that suffer from pain, behavior disorders, muscle spasms, arthritis, spinal disease, chronic infections, chronic gastrointestinal disorders, incontinence, hyperthyroidism, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, epilepsy, and allergies often get relief from acupuncture and homeopathic treatments. That’s why Bishop Ranch includes these modalities in its animal care portfolio. 2000 Bishop Dr., San Ramon, 925-866-8387,

Runners up: Creature Comfort Holistic Veterinary Center, Oakland,; Holistic Veterinary Care, Oakland,; Dr. Brenda Mills, Integrative Veterinary Care, Livermore,; Dr. Kirsten Williams, Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care, San Ramon,

Best Alternative Medicine Provider — San Francisco
Blue Sparrow Holistic Veterinary House Calls
Compassion is at the heart of Blue Sparrow, an in-home medical service that provides both Eastern and Western practices for pet patients. The team provides a range of holistic treatments, from Chinese herbs and supplements to reiki and acupuncture to ensure that your fur-baby is receiving the gentle, thoughtful care she deserves. These veteran veterinarians are dedicated to offering the restorative therapies that will transform the lives of beloved pet family members throughout the Bay Area. 415-202-6313,

Runners up: The Sams Clinic, Mill Valley, Mill Valley,; Dr. David Fong, 5 Direction Integrative Veterinary Clinic, San Francisco,

Best Alternative Medicine Provider — Peninsula & South Bay
A Well Adjusted Pet
It’s no surprise that Dr. Ilana Strubel and her staff win this one since A Well Adjusted Pet offers many alternative medicine choices, including acupressure and therapeutic massage, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and a host of others folks may not be as familiar with such as electrical stimulation therapies, extracorporeal shockwaves, and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. 1040 Palmetto Ave., Pacifica, 415-967-3861,

Runners up: The Whole Pet Vet Hospital & Wellness Center, Los Gatos,; Molly Rice, Coastal Holistic Veterinary Services, Pacifica,; Dr. Sara Skiwski, The Western Dragon, San Jose,; Dr. Deborah Mathis, Saratoga, 408-499-3647.

Best Canine Therapy Facility — East Bay
The Canine Rehabilitation Center
Winning year after year, the Canine Rehabilitation Center takes the crown home again for its innovative care techniques, including hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and massage. In addition, it provides state-of-the-art treatments in therapeutic ultrasound and exercise, targeted pulse electromagnetic field therapy, hot and cold therapy, and chiropractic services. When your pup needs some serious TLC along with leading technology, consider this top-tier clinic. 2735 N. Main St, Walnut Creek, 925-934-8042,

Runner up: Holistic Veterinary Care, Oakland,

Best Canine Therapy Facility — San Francisco, Peninsula & South Bay
SAGE Veterinary Centers Campbell
Campbell pet parents turn to SAGE Campbell for the comprehensive availability of therapies available. Not only can SAGE handle ordinary pet care needs, it’s equipped for emergencies and has a wide variety of veterinary specialists and special services that range from physical rehabilitation and acupuncture to ultrasounds, MRIs, and a pet underwater treadmill. 907 Dell Ave., Campbell, 408-343-7243,

Runners up: Happy Hounds Massage & Fitness, San Francisco,; The Rex Center, Pacifica,; The Sams Clinic, Mill Valley,; Scout’s House, San Mateo,

Best Emergency Care — East Bay
SAGE Veterinary Centers Dublin
When our pets suffer, our hearts break, and the panic of not knowing how to help them can be unimaginable. That is why we all thank the stars above for the dedicated doctors at SAGE Centers Dublin who respond to emergencies with expertise and knowledgeable care when a crisis strikes. Whether it’s a cardiology, oncology, or internal medicine, the staff here knows how to handle challenging situations at a moment’s notice and does it with utmost love. 7121 Amador Plaza Rd., Dublin, 925-574-7243,

Runners up: Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care, San Ramon,; Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital, Berkeley,; VCA Bay Area Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Hospital, San Leandro,; Pets Referral Center, Berkeley,

Best Emergency Care — San Francisco
San Francisco SPCA
The SF SPCA has dedicated veterinarian care providers who are ready to handle pet emergencies. The Pacific Heights Campus operates 24 hours a day seven days a week for emergencies while the Mission Campus Hospital offers daytime emergency services and urgent care. Pacific Heights Campus (Pets Unlimited Care Center), 2343 Fillmore St., 415-554-3030, and Mission Campus Hospital (Leanne B. Roberts Animal Care Center), 201 Alabama St., 415-554-3030,

Runners up: VCA San Francisco Veterinary Specialists,; Nor Cal Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital, Daly City,; Animal Internal Medicine & Specialty Services,

Best Emergency Care 
— Peninsula & South Bay
SAGE Veterinary Centers Campbell
When healing treatments are an urgent matter, there’s no better responder than SAGE Centers. The training spans neurology, surgery, oncology, and cardiology, so an expert is on hand to help your little one in an emergency. These doctors are also dedicated to being compassionate and to provide care that is minimally invasive, which gives pet parents peace of mind in the most trying of times. SAGE has won before and there’s no doubt SAGE will do it again. 907 Dell Ave., Campbell, 408-343-7243,

Runners up: Nor Cal Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital, Daly City,; Adobe Animal Hospital, Los Altos,; Silicon Valley Veterinary Specialists, San Jose,

Best Dog-Friendly Pool — San Francisco, Peninsula & South Bay
The Rex Center
Water therapy can work wonders for your pup, especially seniors or those recovering from surgeries, and The Rex Center has a warm-water pool perfect for low-impact, restorative, and gentle-yet-conditioning swimming. Swim coaches make sure the dogs enjoy the water and have a great time, whether they are their for plain old fun or therapeutic purposes. 1040 Palmetto Ave., 650-738-8739Pacifica,

Runners up: Dog Pool Club, San Carlos,; Doggone Dirty Dog Sports, Hollister,

Best Mobile Veterinary Practice
Lotus Veterinary 
House Calls
Holistic care comes home thanks to Lotus Veterinary House Calls. Five days a week (and sometimes six on selective Saturdays), the team offers a variety of treatment options from cold laser therapy and Chinese herbs to acupuncture in the comfort of your living room. Serving San Francisco and the Peninsula, these veterinarians are the premier choice in prime care. 825 Moultrie St., San Francisco, 415-484-5842,

Runners up: Blue Sparrow Holistic Veterinary House Calls, 415-202-6313,; Dog and Cat House Calls, 925-735-7387,; Fuzzy,; Dogtor Calls, Novato, 415-755-3498,

Canine Services


Photo courtesy Doggy Lama

Best Dog Walker-East Bay
Doggy Lama Pet Care
When your dog darlin’ off-leash adventure, choose Doggy Lama (which offers on-leash dog walking, too), and you border collie, Po, GSD, mutt, or whatever can be roaming the canopied trails of an East Bay Regional Park with a small pack of pals for an hour while you are tethered to your desk. 3312 Loma Vista Way, Oakland,

Runners up: Dog Tired Adventures, Danville,; Walks with Vet Techs, Oakley,; Pit Stop Pet Services, Antioch,

Best Dog Groomer-East Bay
All Fur Love 
Grooming Salon
This is organized dog grooming at its finest. Each visit starts with a complete checkup and ends with a report on your fur baby’s visit. Choose from partial grooming services (bath, ears, glands, blow dry, brush-through, and trims of nails, face, feet, and fanny) or full grooming services (with an additional custom haircut). Need ala carte services? No prob: nail trims, grinding, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, glands, medicated shampoo, itchy dog treatment, detangling brush outs, de-shedding/carding, foot trims, and face trim are available. 714 San Ramon Valley Blvd., Danville, 925-719-7108,

Runners up: Fluff Dog Grooming, San Leandro,; Livermore Ranch Kennels, Livermore,

Best Dog Groomer — San Francisco
Surprisingly fun and remarkably adorable, WAGS offers window-front pet baths that entertain passersby throughout the day. After a soothing, sudsy soak, dogs are professionally groomed by expert hands who have huge hearts. Your Pomeranian needs a fur trim? Your Doberman needs a nail treatment? They can enjoy it here before going to the play area to hang with other beautified clients. 1840 Polk St., San Francisco, 415-409-2472,

Runners up: VIP Scrub Club,; Scissor Me Whiskers,; Little Ark Dog Grooming, Little; Doggie Day Spaw,; The Dog Barber,

Best Dog Groomer 
— Peninsula & South Bay
Happy Tails Dog Daycare
When your dirty dog needs a little cleaning up or some sprucing up, look no farther than Happy Tails Dog Daycare. Your scruff-muffin can come home shiny and sleek after a shampoo, blow dry, brush out. Groomers can cut, deshed, clip, scissor-finish — you name it. Have the groomer add bling by painting those just-trimmed nails or give Bowser a fresh smile by having his pearly whites brushed. You won’t hardly recognize your guy or gal because he or she leaves wearing a bandana or bow tie. 507 O’Neill Ave., Belmont, 650-593-9800,

Runner up: The Canine Showcase,

Best Self-Serve Dog Wash — East Bay
Mudpuppy’s at Point Isabel
Located in the country’s largest off-leash dog park, which happens to be stunning with expansive grassy fields and views of the Pacific, Mudpuppy’s is primo in pup-bathing experiences. You can pay for a deluxe pampering or you can don an apron and do the shampoo-and-conditioner routine yourself. Who knows your pooch better than you? This is a perfect way to make him feel like the prince he is. He’ll strut out feeling like royalty — right before he plays in the grass. 1 Isabel St., Richmond, 888-505-2998,

Runners up: Pet Food Express, Danville, Danville,; Waggin Tails Pet Supplies, Union City,; Pet Food Express, Fremont,; Pet Food Express, Livermore,

Best Self-Serve Dog Wash— San Francisco
Pet Food Express – California Street
Pups may like to be stinky, but their pup parents sure can’t stand it. The drill at Pet Food Express is familiar: tubs at waist/chestish height, shampoos to choose from, sized aprons, towels galore, treats, and a blower. Easy-peasy. 3150 California St., San Francisco, 415-447-7777,

Runners up: Pet Food Express, Castro,; VIP Scrub Club, Noe Valley,; Green Pawz,

Best Self-Serve Dog Wash — Peninsula & South Bay
Pet Food Express
Pay at the counter, get your token, and make your way to the tubs at any of these star-studded pet emporiums where Spot can enjoy a pleasant bath with you as her personal groomer. No appointments are necessary and you can choose from a variety of shampoos (vanilla almond, eucalyptus, or oatmeal pear) to lather your little one into cleanly happiness.

Runner up: Scrub A Pup, San Mateo,

Best Dog Walker — San Francisco
Citizen Hound
Activity abounds at Citizen Hound. While you’re busy making sure the office’s needs are covered, this team will make sure your pumpkin head is getting his energy spent on energizing hikes with a pack of furry friends. For a full hour, Rover will be romping about like the captain of his crew in the best way possible. Sign up and rest easy. 806-787-4839,

Runners-up: Dog Tales Pet Walking & Sitting Service,; Top Dog SF,

Best Dog Walker — Peninsula & South Bay
For Sniffs and Giggles
For Peninsula and South Bay pet parents, For Sniffs and Giggles might be the dog-walking service you’re looking for, because it takes personal service, dog care (the staff is CPR certified), group dynamics, and more seriously. Enrichment tools, basic obedience repetition, and attention to mental and physical needs mean dogs have a fulfilling experience. 1017 Montgomery St., San Carlos,

Runner up: K9 Keep Fit, San Jose,

Best Dog Sitter — East Bay
Good Dog Day Care
Winning awards year after year in Beast of the Bay, Good Dog is the pet-sitting gold standard. Mornings include rousing playtime sessions with size-compatible friends before soothing naps serenaded by symphony music. Snacks are distributed to joyful dog guests and then the excitement can continue with bathing, grooming, and training. The choices are yours and they’re plentiful. 2427 Pratt Ave., Hayward, 510-324-1176, GoodDog

Runners up: Walks With Vet Techs, Oakley,; 
Pit Stop Pet Services, Antioch,

Best Dog Sitter — San Francisco
Dog Tales Walking 
& Sitting Service
Dog Tales uses positive reinforcement, love, and affection to ensure that you’ll feel safe and secure when leaving your furry friend behind when duty or fun calls. Safe, fun, and exciting experiences are on tap here for your bestie. Dog Tales comes to your or will board your pet at the home of a Dog Tale pro. Additionally, the Dog Tales experts can tailor training walks for individual needs if your pup needs a refresher on leash manners. Dog Tales serves Noe Valley, Glen Park, Diamond Heights, Buena Vista, Castro, Mission, West Portal and nearby areas. 415-948-3840,

Runners up: High Tail Hotel,; Citizen Hound,; The Whole Pet,

Best Doggie Daycare — East Bay
Good Dog Day Care
They’ve already taken home accolades for best pet-sitter this year, and now they’re celebrating the achievement of winning best daycare again. It’s hard to compete with the compassion and care of the staff at this East Bay business dedicated to providing anything to help fur-babies thrive. From baths to behavior sessions, Good Dog has what Rover wants and everything you need. 2427 Pratt Ave., Hayward, 510-324-1176,

Runners up: Happy Hound Play & Daycare, Oakland,; Camp Bow Wow Tri-Valley, Livermore,; Delta Dog Camp, Antioch/Oakley,; Livermore Ranch Kennels, Livermore,

Best Doggie Daycare — San Francisco
Fog City Dogs
This is “where dogs love to stay and play,” and with two locations, Fog City Dogs makes drop-offs and pickups easy. Let your dog socialize the day away (with rest breaks) in a climate-controlled indoor play area with enrichment activities aplenty and fun playground equipment. Staff members keep an eye on things so no dog gets ruffed up. Bayview / Bernal, 2280 Shafter Ave., 415-796-0120, and Marina, 1488 Lombard St., 415-766-9786, San Francisco,

Runners up: High Tail Hotel,; Dog Tales Walking & Sitting Service,; Wag Hotels,; Embarkadero Social Club,

Best Doggie Daycare — Peninsula & South Bay
K9 Keep Fit Dog Daycare
Have an energetic, exuberant furry friend? Looking for a space for her to romp with equally enthusiastic peers? While you’re busy bringing home the bacon, treat your baby-love to an afternoon of happiness at K9 Keep Fit. This expert team focuses on behavior training with outdoor pack walks and supervised socialization. 3611 Union Ave., San Jose, 408-316-2455,

Runners up: Planet Pooch, Redwood City,; Downtown Dogs, San Jose,; Cooperhaus K9, Milpitas,

Best Place to Board Your Dog — East Bay
Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care
Take the worry out of pet boarding with a stay at Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center. Suites mean that multiple dogs in a family can stay together. Kennels are heated and air-conditioned and offering bowls, bedding, and dog-safe toys.. Boarders get exercised with a romp in the outdoor play yard at least four times a day. 2000 Bishop Drive, San Ramon, 925-866-8387,

Runners up: Good Dog Day Care, Hayward,; Delta Dog Day Camp, Antioch/Oakley,; Livermore Ranch Kennels, Livermore,

Best Place to Board Your Dog — San Francisco
High Tail Hotel
Offering 24-hour care and supervision, High Tail Hotel ensures that Rover is in the lap of love with a schedule of exercise, naps, and nutrition. Playtime is encouraged at this overnight retreat for pampered pooches, and you’ll rest easy knowing your chow hound has a concierge of his own. 2275 Revere Ave., San Francisco, 415-913-7101,

Runners up: Fog City Dogs, San Francisco,; Dog Tales Walking & Sitting Service,; WAGS,; Koru K9,

Best Place to Board Your Dog — Peninsula & South Bay
K9 Keep Fit Dog Daycare
The folks at K9 Keep Fit — Renee Heymann, the president and owner, and Sybl Saisselin, the manager and lead dog trainer — know their dog stuff and will keep your dog occupied throughout the day with group walks around the neighborhood, play times, and rest times. The philosophy here is to keep all dogs healthy and happy. 611 Union Ave., San Jose, 408-316-2455,

Runners up: Paws Crossing Pet Resort & Spa, Campbell,; You Luckie Dog! Doggie Daycare Resort & Spa, Milpitas,; Cooperhaus K9, Milpitas,

Best Training Classes — East Bay
Good Dog Day Care
The courses at this award-winning day care range from Puppy Kindergarten to the athletically charged Flyball class, and each one is taught with expertise and lots of canine compassion. Dogs socialize, enjoy sports, and smell with purpose (in the Nose and Odor Work Class). Pet parents will take home lessons, too, like how to create an ideal pup environment and identify body behavior cues. If groups aren’t ideal, opt for a private session for your precious pooch and get unmatched one-on-one personal tutoring. 2427 Pratt Ave., Hayward, 510-324-1176,

Runners up: Dodger’s Paw, Pleasanton,; Dog Dynamics, Walnut Creek,; Koru K9, SF Bay Area,; Refined K-9, SF Bay Area,

Best Training Classes — San Francisco
SF Puppy Prep
Give your dog a leg up on life with puppy classes and SF Puppy Prep. This is a great place for puppy training classes, private puppy training, puppy day care, and puppy socials. With pups, the earlier the schooling starts, the better, but SF Puppy Prep makes learning fun, so your puppy won’t ever fret. He’ll learn new skills and meet new pals, critical components for proper development toward adulthood. 251 Sixth St., San Francisco, 415-618-0828,

Runners up: SF SPCA,; SIRIUS Puppy & Dog Training,; Koru K9,; Refined K9,

Best Training Classes — Peninsula & South Bay
Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA
Sit. Stay. Play! At these top-rated training classes, your pup will learn how to be the perfect pet. Whether you’re looking for Puppy Preschool or a course on raising the best four-legged companion around, Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA has you covered. Maybe you just want a safe, supervised space where Rover can romp and run with the pack. PHS & SPCA has got that too with Dog Day Mornings. Just check out the canine-tastic calendar. 1450 Rollins Rd., Burlingame, 650-340-7022,

Runners up: Koru K9, SF Bay Area,; Humane Society Silicon Valley, Milpitas,; Refined K9, SF Bay Area,; Cooperhaus K9, Milpitas, Milpitas,

Best Private Trainer — East Bay
Bridget Murphy
“We train any dog … any problem.” That’s a big claim from Koru K9, and Bridget Murphy is up to the task. She runs the Koru K9 Dog Training operational side and co-owns the dog training and rehabilitation outfit it with her husband, Ray. These days, Koru K9 has expanded to areas beyond the San Francisco Bay Area (to Seattle, Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth, and St. Louis as well) but Murphy keeps tabs on her Koru K9 trainers and behaviorists and serves clients in Oakland, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, San Ramon, Danville, and Antioch. Koru K9, SF Bay Area,

Runners up: Courtney Briggs, Devoted Dog Training, Oakland,; Rusty Barnes, Pawgress Dog Training, Oakland,; Theo Brassard, Refined K9, San Francisco,; Bonnie Brown Cali, Dog Dynamics, Briones,

Best Private Trainer — San Francisco
Carlie Seelig Miller
Dogs are in the best of hands when they enroll in classes with seasoned trainer Carlie Seelig Miller. Using reward-based methods that ensure learning is fun for both fur-babies and their parents, Seelig Miller teaches manners, basic commands, impulse control, and excellent leash behavior in a series of workshops to help Bay Area pups act like champions. CSM Dog Training & SIRIUS Puppy & Dog Training, 415-943-3647,

Runners up: Theo Brassard, Refined K9, San Francisco,; Bridget Murphy, Koru K9,

Best Private Trainer — Peninsula & South Bay
Bridget Murphy
Koru K9’s Bridget Murphy uses balanced dog training techniques —helpful with dog behavior problems, dog obedience training, and problem solving. Koru K9 serves clients in Daly City, Pacifica, San Mateo, San Bruno, and Redwood City. Koru K9, SF Bay Area,

Runners up: Stacy Braslau-Schneck, Stacy’s Wag ‘N’ Train, San Jose,; Theo Brassard, Refined K-9 Dog Training, San Francisco,; Melissa Dallier, A Canine Affinity, Campbell,; Sybl Saisselin, 
K9 Keep Fit, San Jose,

Best Dog Photographer — East Bay
Barbara Brady-Smith
Sharing joy is exactly what Barbara Brady-Smith is known for with her magical pet portraits for Share the Joy Photography in Lafayette. Sessions are structured to bring out the absolute cuteness and charisma of your precious pooch. In addition to dogs, she also photographs cats, horses, and birds, so her portfolio is a menagerie of all things adorable. Pictures include elegant stills and playful motion shots. You’ll be proud to hang the image of your angel in your home.

Runners up: Lisa Hermes Photography, Pleasanton,; Tonya Perme Photography, Oakland,; Lisa Brightfire, Pets With A Story, Concord,; Yellow Neener Photography, Concord,

Best Dog Photographer — San Francisco
Hilarious Hound
The photographer behind Hilarious Hound is Michelle Russ, and while she actually lives in Alameda, she gets around. She has a new book — 49 Dogs and One Cat: The Insider’s Guide to San Francisco — that features Buster, Canine Operating Officer of the luxurious Hotel Nikko San Francisco, and other dogs at iconic San Francisco Bay Area locations. As always, her photography throughout is stunningly amazing. 510-833-7297,

Runners up: Josh Norem, The Furrtographer, (now in Sacramento); Mark Rogers Photography,

Best Dog Photographer — Peninsula & South Bay
Diane K. Costello
At Fog Dog Studios in Half Moon Bay, Diane K. Costello captures the heart of dogs. From Pugs and Chihuahuas to Boxers and Retrievers, the pets in her photos are pictured in their personal glory, whether it’s their spirited playfulness or soulful disposition. If you are looking for a portrait of your darling to frame and admire, this is the place to go. 501 San Mateo Rd., Half Moon Bay, 650-245-8530,

Runners up: Suszi McFadden, Fuzzy Beastie Photography, Sunnyvale,; Jim Skintauy, Angel Dog Photograpy, San Jose,

Shelter & Rescue


Photo courtesy Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue
Mature and dignified (and adorable from snout to tail), the senior pups at Muttville have all the attributes of a perfect companion. This incredible rescue organization specializes in older pets and showcases why age ain’t nothing but a number. Here, pooches are adored for their life experience and accrued knowledge and treasured for their cute compatibility with pet parents all over the Bay Area. Drop in; you’ll fall in love. 255 Alabama St., San Francisco, 415-272-4172,

Runners up: Family Dog Rescue,; SF Animal Care & Control,; Wonder Dog Rescue,

Best Rescue Group — East Bay
Milo Foundation
The Milo Foundation, founded by Lynn Tingle in 1994, is one of the most outstanding rescue and adoption organizations around. This nonprofit re-homes abandoned and stray animals, taking in all at-risk pets and giving each one an equal opportunity for loving forever homes and a chance at a new life. Its primary adoption center is in Richmond, where dogs and cats await second chances, but it also operates a sanctuary in Mendocino County where dogs, cats, horses, goats, donkeys, pigs, and feathered farm animals live. 220 S. Garrard Blvd., Richmond, 510-900-2275,

Runners up: Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation, Walnut Creek,; Rocket Dog Rescue, Oakland,; 
Furry Friends Rescue, Fremont,; Hopalong Animal Rescue, Oakland,; Umbrella of Hope Rescue, Pittsburg,

Best Rescue Group — Peninsula & South Bay
Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA
Burlingame’s Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA does a lot for animal welfare, working hard to find homes for the animals that land within its boundaries. The private nonprofit is an open-admissions shelter and accepts healthy as well as sick charges, treating them all with compassion and saving thousands of animals that wouldn’t stand a chance otherwise. 1450 Rollins Rd., Burlingame, 650-340-7022,

Runners up: Jake’s Wish Dog Rescue, Gilroy,; 
Rescue the Underdog, San Mateo,; Silicon Valley Pet Project, San Jose,; ShepHeroes, San Mateo,

Best Humane Organization or Shelter — East Bay
East Bay SPCA
Looking for a forever friend? Your search will be over when you head to East Bay SPCA where canine cuteness comes in abundance. Labradors, Pit Bulls, Chihuahuas, German Shepherds, and more are found at this shelter that’s been rescuing animals since 1874. Once you’ve found your perfect pup, enroll in the behavior and training courses, make a veterinary appointment, or check out the humane education department. Everything you need, you can get. Adoption Center, 8323 Baldwin St., Oakland, 510-569-0702, and Adoption Center & Spay Neuter Clinic, 4651 Gleason Dr., 925-479-9670, Dublin,

Runners up: Berkeley Humane, Berkeley,; Furry Friends Pet Relief, Antioch,; Hayward Animal Shelter, Hayward,; Valley Humane Society, Pleasanton,

Best Humane Organization or Shelter — San Francisco
Muttville Senior Dog Rescue
Some of the best mutts on Earth come from Muttville, no matter what their age. Muttville finds them all wonderful and operates on a very narrow mission: To give seniors a second chance. Sherri Franklin is the tireless force behind this little powerhouse that re-homes about 1,000 dogs per year and whose approach to animal rescue is studied and emulated elsewhere. Hip-hip-hooray for Muttville. 255 Alabama St., San Francisco,

Runners up: San Francisco SPCA,; San Francisco Animal Care & Control,; Family Dog Rescue,

Best Humane Organization or Shelter — Peninsula & South Bay
Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA, Burlingame
Any day of the week you can visit the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA to meet volunteers and staff dedicated to saving the lives of animals and finding forever families for pets in need. Offering behavior and training courses, spay/neuter services and vaccines, and, of course, adoptions, this renowned organization is entirely devoted to animal welfare. When you stop in, you might just leave with a new furry family member. 1450 Rollins Rd., Burlingame, 650-340-7022,

Runners up: Humane Society Silicon Valley, Milpitas,; San Jose Animal Care Center, San Jose,; Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority, Santa Clara,

Best Canine Cause — East Bay
Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation
Wow, Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation is awesome all right. It’s a major league player in the animal welfare community and has re-homed more than 40,000 dogs and cats saved from public animal shelters since 1991. But like all animal rescue foundations, its dollars are limited and don’t go far enough toward spay and neuter programs to end pet overpopulation or for growing its innovative outreach and education programs. 2890 Mitchell Dr., Walnut Creek, 925-256-1273,

Runners up: BADRAP, Oakland,; Furry Friends Pet Relief, Antioch,; The Running Dog, Contra Costa Animal Services, Martinez,

Best Canine Cause — San Francisco
Muttville Senior 
Dog Rescue
Truly committed to giving Bay Area dogs a second chance at love and happiness, Muttville specializes in finding forever homes for senior canines who have all the charm and charisma of their younger counterparts. Located on Rescue Row in San Francisco, this treasured rescue features all the breeds you could want from Bichon Frise and Pekingese to Boston Terriers and Mini Poodles. The dedicated team of staff and volunteers matches hopeful pet parents with mature pooches destined to be the cutest of companions. 255 Alabama St., San Francisco, 415-272-4172,

Runners up: Family Dog Rescue, San Francisco,; Project Open Paw, San Francisco,

Best Canine Cause — Peninsula & South Bay
Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA
The Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA in Burlingame not only finds homes for the dogs and cats it takes in, cares for injured and orphaned native wildlife stretching across a big territory, from San Francisco through San Mateo and the northern half of Santa Clara County. 1450 Rollins Rd., Burlingame, 650-340-7022,

Runners up: Rescue The Underdog, San Mateo,; Jake’s Wish Dog Rescue, Gilory,;

Best Fundraising Event — East Bay
Berkeley Humane’s Pints for Paws
For six years, Berkeley Humane has been throwing a bark-tastic bash, Pints for Paws. Serving up cold brews to raise cash for canines, this affair attracts pet lovers for its delicious drinks, local food, live music, and adorably upbeat vibe. Bring your poopster for an afternoon of fun. 2700 Ninth St., Berkeley, 510-845-7735,

Runners up: East Bay SPCA Growl, Meow & Wine, Oakland,; Furry Friends Rescue Dog Howl-O-Ween, Fremont,; Furry Friends Pet Relief Hot Rods 4 Paws, Antioch,

Best Fundraising Event — Peninsula & South Bay
Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA 
Bark n’ Brewfest
If you missed Bark n’ Brewfest — the Peninsula Humane Society’s event of the season — catch it in 2020. At the second annual event, food trucks, beer and wine vendors, pet-friendly businesses, and animal-loving revelers raised $65,000. 1450 Rollins Rd., Burlingame, 650-340-7022,

Runners up: Bark in the Park, San Jose,; Jake’s Wish Dog Rescue Jake’s Fest, Gilroy,; Furry Friends Rescue Woofstock, Los Gatos,; Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority Pour for Paws, Los Gatos,