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Bay Woof’s 2018 Salute to Volunteers

They Make The Shelter And Rescue World Go Round. Great Job, Everyone.

Every November, Bay Woof salutes the volunteers who keep Bay Area animal rescue groups and shelters running smoothly by inviting those organizations to send in kudos about someone whose volunteering helps keep the operation afloat. Without the help of these dedicated volunteers as well as the assistance of countless unnamed others, the rescued furry friends awaiting their forever homes at the places just might be out of luck. Thanks to all for giving your time, love, and expertise to help out shelter and rescue animals. It was a pleasure to receive the information about these outstanding volunteers, and Bay Woof is grateful for your participation.


Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA 

1,400 Volunteers (above)

Exceptional Service

At the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA, it’s impossible for us to single out one volunteer over the others; therefore, we honor all 1,400 of our dedicated volunteers. Come rain or shine, our volunteers show up every single day to help the animals in our care. As an open-admission shelter, our plucky volunteers are working with not just cats and dogs, but also rabbits, birds, reptiles, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and wildlife. They are on the front lines of providing love and attention to every animal that comes through our doors, including the sick, the injured, the behaviorally challenged, and those animals too young to survive without supportive care. Our caring volunteers make it possible for us to save the lives of more than 6,300 animals every year. Every single volunteer plays a vital role at our organization, and we honor all of them.

—Buffy Martin Tarbox, Communications Manager, Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA,


Michael Burnside 2

Family Dog Rescue

Michael Burnside, San Francisco (photo courtesy FDR)

Canine Adventurer

If you ask any of our dogs what their favorite day of the week is, they’ll be sure to tell you it’s their adventure day with Michael Burnside. Michael has been volunteering with Family Dog Rescue for three years. Michael is originally from the East Coast, but has lived in California since the mid 1970s. Michael has always spent his life with dogs, and when his black Lab passed away a few years ago, Michael realized that something was missing from his life. While Michael wasn’t ready to adopt another dog, he had plenty of love to give to the dogs at Family Dog Rescue. Twice a week, Michael chooses a dog who needs a little extra love and attention to go on an outdoor adventure with him. These days include sniffs at the beach, walks through Fort Mason, car rides, pats on Michael’s patio, and naps and cuddles in the sun. When Michael comes back at the end of the day, he always has something nice to add to the dog’s bio, and likewise, the dog always has something nice to say about Michael. Thanks to volunteers like Michael, Family Dog Rescue can save over 1,000 dogs each year.

Alison Van Nort, Volunteer Coordinator, Family Dog Rescue,

Editor’s note: The printed item credited in incorrect author. This is correct.

Furry Friends Rescue

Christine Law, Fremont

Heroic Foster Mom

Christine Law and her family have been fostering dogs with us since 2014. Over the years, she’s cared for numerous long-term fosters — many of them with special behavioral and medical needs like Chappie, a puppy that needed liver shunt surgery. She helps to rehabilitate, give tons of TLC, and prepares them for their forever homes. Hero foster moms like her make it possible for us to rescue neglected shelter dogs that need more time, special vet care, training and TLC until they are healthy to find their perfect forever home. On top of her time spent fostering and kind donations, she also helps out at our adoption showcases from set-up to breakdown. Our-life saving rescue work is successful thanks to our team of great volunteers. We are extremely grateful for Christine’s dedication to help save furry lives!

—Kathryn Bonham,


1Esther Moncharsh HSSV

Humane Society Silicon Valley

Esther Moncharsh, Sunnyvale (photo courtesy HSSV)

MVP and Feline Guru

Esther Moncharsh gives more of her time to Humane Society Silicon Valley than almost anyone else. She touches almost every piece of the organization in a variety of volunteer roles — nearly a dozen different roles in all. Since January, she’s given more than 1,000 hours helping HSSV save and care for animals. One of her favorite places to volunteer is in the behavior department. She helps evaluate and work with the more challenging cats, works in the kitten nursery to help get under-socialized kittens ready for adoption, and even fosters underage kittens. We are so grateful for volunteers like Esther who give so much of their time to help animals in need, and couldn’t do what we do without friends like her.

—Alexandra Baggs, Content Marketing Manager, Humane Society Silicon Valley,

 Editor’s note: We misidentified Moncharsch in print. This photo ID here is correct.


Kate & John Holloway - Muttville Sr Dog Rescue

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Kate and John Holloway, Martinez (photo courtesy Muttville)

Hospice Adopters Extraordinaire

Around Valentine’s Day several years ago Kate and John Holloway submitted a hospice adoption application with a personal note attached. “Taking care of our senior dog was the most rewarding experience of our lives,” they said. “We feel like it’s our calling to take dogs in their final days into our home and hearts and show them the love they deserve.” Flash forward to today, and the Holloways have hospice adopted over a dozen Muttville dogs! They always step up to the plate for the dogs who need it the most and give them an amazing new beginning. The Holloways are truly senior dog heroes. Not only do they open their homes to hospice dogs, they also are frequent fosters and help us to find our dogs their forever homes. The icing on the cake? Kate is an incredible baker and has raised thousands of dollars in bake sale profits.

—Bunny Rosenberg, Volunteer & Foster Care Manager, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue,


Oakland Animal Services

Kay Martin, Oakland

Essential Volunteer With a Magic Touch

Collaborative, energetic, committed, compassionate, leader: These are the words that staff members at Oakland Animal Services use to describe Kay Martin. She volunteers over 70 hours at the shelter each month doing the essential work of socializing puppies; grooming, photographing, and developing enrichment plans for dogs in our care; matchmaking with specialized adoption partners; and, of course, helping adoptable animals find their forever homes. Kay goes out of her way to help fellow volunteers and has a magic touch with pups who need a little extra TLC. She also spends countless hours outside the shelter running the Oakland Lost and Found Facebook page to reunite lost pets with their families, building relationships, and networking with rescue organizations, transporting pigeons and other wildlife, planning flight and ground transfers of animals to other agencies, and coordinating offsite adoption events. She is a superstar volunteer and a true champion for Oakland animals!

—Kelly Miott, Volunteer Program Specialist, Oakland Animal Services,


Hoplalong Rescue-Judith Metzener_Volunteer of the Century

Hopalong Animal Rescue

Judith Metzener, Alameda (photo courtesy Hopalong)

Everyone Knows Her Name

Judi Metzener has been volunteering with Hopalong for close to four years now, and she spends almost every day of the week using her truck to pick up animals from our Oakland facility and take them to the vet or take them to their adoption sites. You’d also be surprised to learn that Judi is a sassy senior who still helps us load up donations that include 40-pound bags of dog food and 9,000 pounds of cat litter. On the weekends, Judi also helps our dogs find homes at our weekend adoption events and takes care of our kittens at Hopalong’s Pet Food Express Rockridge adoption site. Judi has dedicated so much time to our organization that most of our other volunteers and all of our staff know her by name. Judi received the Volunteer of the Century award in June 2017.

—Dani Clark, Director of Volunteer Services, Hopalong Animal Rescue,

Editor’s note: We misidentified this volunteer in print. The ID here is correct.


Rocket Dog Rescue

Martha Cline, Oakland

Rocket Dog Rescue Sanctuary Manager

Though Martha Cline has only been with Rocket Dog Rescue for the last several months, she’s been an incredibly valuable part of the shelter/rescue community in the Bay Area for over 15 years. She came to our sanctuary with a heart full of compassion and a wealth of knowledge that she has shared with our volunteers so that the whole team can better help our dogs. Her expertise has proven invaluable in managing our Oakland sanctuary, which is often the first stop for our dogs after rescue. Through the hardest of cases, in the most stressful of situations, Martha, like an anchor for all that is good, brings wholeness to our team. And as our sanctuary manager, she keeps us on course for the best possible outcome for each of our rescued animals.

—Kristen Seidle, Rocket Dog Rescue,


Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter

Sally Wing, Boulder Creek

Promotional Expert and Animal Socializer

Sally Wing has been volunteering with Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter for over 12 years. It is evident from the smile on her face when she walks into the shelter what a down-to-earth and genuine person she is. As a volunteer, Sally wears many different hats. In addition to taking dogs out for much-needed exercise and TLC time, she runs one of the small dog playgroups, which provides valuable socialization and exercise time for the dogs. She sits on our volunteer training team, guiding new volunteers in our Dog TLC program, always with a smile on her face and a warm welcome to volunteering for the Shelter. Sally’s profession by trade is a graphic designer. She uses these skills to design all of the shelter’s marketing and education materials, including the shelter’s logo, the initial development, and new redesign of the Shelter’s website, all pro-bono and all on her own time. With limited resources and budgets, this work is crucial and assists the shelter by keeping the shelter’s promotional materials vibrant, current, and impactful.  Sally also sits on the board of the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter Foundation and creates its promotional material and website. Everyone loves to work with Sally. Whether designing materials, training new people, or romping around with dogs in a play yard, it is clear she is a special member of the Shelter community, and we are lucky to have her.

—Amy Gerome, Volunteer Coordinator, Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter,


Does your shelter or rescue group have an awesome volunteer who deserves recognition? Let the editor know via email,, and Bay Woof will run the information in a later issue.

Main article photo by: Courtesy Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA