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Bay Woof 2.0?

Hello to the Bay Woof Community – we hope y’all are staying safe and well during this challenging and bizarre time.

First of all, thank you, dear readers and advertisers, for being so devoted to Bay Woof since the very beginning.

As many of you will relate, the small business community has been severely impacted by these drastically changing economic times. As a result, Bay Woof has ceased print publication of the dog lover’s newspaper (effective April 2020), and ownership of Bay Woof has been returned to the original publisher and founder, M Rocket.

Rocket founded Bay Woof in 2007 and published monthly in print and online for nearly 10 years before selling to Telegraph Media in 2016. In the last four years, under the wagging tails of Steve Buel, Judy Gallman and their dedicated staff, Bay Woof survived and thrived in the East Bay – thank you Steve and Judy for keeping the paper in the stands from 2016-2020.

Now, the News with Bite baby is coming back home to San Francisco, and we’re contemplating the next steps. Is an electronic-only version of local dog news, celebrating the human-dog bond, still relevant in 2020?

To help us determine if and how to move forward, would you consider filling out this short survey with your feedback? It will really help us make an informed decision.

There are two versions, chose the one that best fits:
Bay Woof Survey for Dog Pros
Bay Woof Survey for Dog Lovers

Rest assured that no matter what, Bay Woof will continue wagging all the way down the beach.

Take good care, stay safe and keep wagging, and please share your thoughts with us when you have a spare 5. Thank you for being a loyal reader of Bay Woof over all these years.



M Rocket, Founder