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A Trio of Dog Goodies

Off the Shelf

Bay Woof test dog Wiley has learned quickly about how much fun dog treat puzzle toys can be. So far, she’s a big fan of then, and kibble is as enticing to her as any special treat, and I’m grateful for that.

One of the latest products she tested was The Odin ($23) by Up Dog (pictured above). It’s a sturdy, TPE dog food puzzle that can hold a cup of food beneath its flaps. It’s shaped like a ball, except with flat sides, so it rolls funny. Wiley usually gets her food puzzles in her crate, and so she did the Odin, pawing and gnawing at it immediately for the delicious morsels held within. Later, she retrieved it and took it to one of her beds, so she clearly liked it and the way it bounced. The manufacturer cautions, though, it’s not a chew toy, so use with supervision.

One thing that is appealing about The Odin (3.6” x 3.3” x 3.8” and 0.38 lb.) is that you can attach it to another one to create a new toy that’s totally different and mentally and physically challenging for your dog. The Odin is for all dogs, large and small — so it’s not too soft, not too hard. Wiley is a medium dog and transitioning kibble right now; her smaller sized kibble fell right out, so I’m sure that captured her interest initially. Learn more at UpDogToys says 1 percent of every sale goes to help animals in need.


An Instant BFF

When Bay Woof received a cute toy, Peluches Bungeez, ($13.99), Cody, a dignified terrier with definite tastes, was our main product tester. He was not the least bit interested in this plush toy that’s billed as a BFF for your dog when you’re away. The way it works is that you clip the goofy-looking pillow to your dog’s collar via a thin bungee cord and mini carabiner. Voila, an instant BFF that entertains your pup.

Cody couldn’t be bothered to interact with it, so it hung on a stool rung for a while. That is where Wiley discovered it. I clipped it to her collar, and she pranced proudly around the house holding the toy in her mouth as she chomped or simply letting it dangle. She likes plush toys, but is a rascal when it comes to destroying them. And while this toy is billed as one that could help her while away the day, she promptly chewed through the elastic bungee cord. Now it’s just a plush toy and not nearly as interesting. So much for being muhc of a pet for this pet.

The toy, by the way, is named for a dog, Peluche, adopted from a South LA animal shelter. For every Peluches you buy, one is donated to a shelter dog. Peluche means stuffed animal in Spanish, and the pillow resembles the dog it’s named after. Learn more at


Peluches Bungeez can be a “pet for your pet.”



Posh Water Bowl

Did you know drinking water that crosses gemstones is supposed to be good for you? Bay Woof did not and was intrigued when VitaJuwel, maker of such products for people, solicited Bay Woof to try its latest pet product, CrownJuwel ($78), a posh water bowl shaped like a crown with gems contained in glass. The bowl itself is made of 70 percent bamboo/cornstarch/wood and 30 percent artificial resin and comes in three colors, cloud white, ocean blue, and slate “grey.” There’s no info on the gems themselves.

VitaJuwel claims these gems have healing powers and can invigorate water and likewise can revitalize our pets’ water. Gemstone water, VitaJuwel states, “has been on the rise predominantly because its taste and spiritually healing effects. Each type of gem has a distinctive, natural energetic charge and plays an important role in healthy living. The gems inside VitaJuwel vials distribute their energy to the water that surrounds the vial — purifying the water’s refreshing properties and helping your pets feel vigorous!”

So after a few weeks, the cats and dogs are peacefully lapping from their CrownJuwel bowl, though whether they are deriving positive, healing energy as advertised from this new water bowl is uncertain. Learn about this product at


The CrownJuwel Pet Bowl uses gemstones to refresh water.

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Main article photo by: Courtesy Up Dog Toys, Perluches Bungeez, and VitaJuwel respectively