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Working It

Welcome to Bay Woof’s Working Dogs issue.

You’ll be meeting a particularly plucky avalanche search and rescue dog, Walter; a noble guide dog, Shiloh, who makes mobility easy for his blind handler; and a Johnny-on-the-spot assistance dog, Urijah, who completes every task successfully. Big thanks go to the ongoing efforts undertaken by the outstanding dog-loving organizations — Alpine Avalanche Rescue Foundation, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and Bergin University of Canine Studies — that are featured this month. Their representatives and advocates — Collin Butler, Brad Hennig, and Hannah Moodie — pitched in with gusto to share some inspiring tales about a few of their canine superstar cohorts.

For art lovers who liked May’s dogs in art theme, more eye candy awaits this month, too, in“Worth Catching: Bitchin’ at Creativity Explored.” Artists with developmental disabilities turned to the visual arts to explore what dogs mean to them for the CE exhibition, which remains on display through July 11. A satellite show will be up at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley in Milpitas through June 29. See how Bay Woof’s Wiley, the fraidy test dog, liked the dog’s-eye component.

Meanwhile, Kelly Gorman Dunbar wants you to throw away your cell phone, Beverly Ulbrich warns about the hazards of prescription meds, and The Caninologist contemplates dogginess from an archaeological standpoint.

For mutt lovers, Shelter Zone zeroes in on Muttville Senior Dog Rescue’s ability to work wonders with placing dogs through its robust volunteer foster families programs and presents some real cuties ready for adoption for Doggie in the Window. Meanwhile, Ask Dr. Dog is all about itching, scratching, and chewing, and Kitty Corner explores an important topic: kitten season with Dr. Shira Rubin and Kim McIntyre offering the lowdown on what to do if you come across some mewing babes.

Now a few words about Beast of the Bay: Be sure to vote in phase two. In phase one, you nominated faves, and the top vote-getters are now pitted against one another. Voting ends June 15. Tell all your friends. Look for the results coverage in August.