WAG: From the Publisher's Desk


The nominations have been made, the votes have been cast, the duplicate IP addresses culled (bad dogs!) and the final results are what you hold in your hand – a compilation of Bay Woof readers’ favorite people, places and all-things-dog in the Greater Bay Area – The Beast of the Bay Awards. Whew!

Thanks to all of you who voted (a record 7,000+ ballots submitted), and thanks to all the writers who helped pull this issue together. It takes a village, I’m telling you.

I both look forward to and dread this issue each year. I love that it gives us a chance to see who and what our readers are into these days. The hard part is that, even with all our categories, there are so many more truly wonderful people and groups and services than can be included on the Beast of the Bay lists. And we hate leaving anyone out. So we encourage you to take The Beasts as an appreciation of how vibrant our dog-loving community is. Heck, in my book, everyone who saves a dog should get an award! Kudos and our thanks to all of you out there who work towards responsible dog guardianship and offer space for us all to roam with the furry ones we love.

That being said, this issue is all about the nominees and winners.  Our usual suspects – Lynda Barry (print only), Good Dog!, Ask Dr. Dog, The Monthly Woof (written this month by Dr. Ian Dunbar’s talented partner, Kelley Gorman Dunbar), and Shelter Zone are all in attendance, as well. Even Mr. Smarty Pants is back again.
Almost last but not least, don’t forget to mark your calendar (March 10) for our Beast of the Bay Awards Party! We’ve got a fabulous band, great food, and the dog-loving hospitality of great sponsor El Rio – come celebrate all the nominees and winners with us – see the calendar item here for more information.

Most of all, thanks to you dear readers, for picking up Bay Woof, and for supporting our advertisers who keep us in the ink. Without you, we’d be just another roll of blank newsprint.

— M Rocket, Publisher