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Uncertain Times

My favorite Bay Woof issue of the year is this one, April, the canine sports issue, because I’m a sporty type, and my husky mix, Wiley, has a lot of energy to expend. I’m still assessing what really rocks her world and thus invited canine sports fans to share some ins and outs of their favorite sports, including agility, flyball, and schutzhund.

Sandy Rogers of Ace Dog Sports busts some myths about agility, Rebecca Hoffman of Dognamics writes about her addiction to the canine sport of flyball, while Steve O’Donnell, the North American Flyball Association’s regional director for California, explains the sport. And Meryl Cohen of Bay Area Balanced Dog Training gives the lowdown on IGP, more commonly called schutzhund and formerly known as IPO, a challenging three-phase dog sport comprised of tracking, obedience, and protection.

This issue also contains helpful articles on dog training, veterinary pet care, and shelter and rescue developments as well as a breed highlight on the Danish-Swedish Farmdog. But because of the global coronavirus and the Bay Area’s shelter in place order to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, this issue is appearing online only and is not being printed or distributed to normal outlets as we are being forced do suspend publication of Bay Woof. The virus has wreaked havoc on the economy and devastated small businesses, including many dog-related business that have been forced to close temporarily or perhaps permanently.

Because of the uncertain times, this issue doesn’t contain Kelly Gorman Dunbar’s Monthly Woof column or Doggie in the Window, Bay Woof’s adoptable dogs’ column. With regard to her Monthly Woof column, Kelly, COO of SIRIUS Puppy Training, said this in an email: “My life has been extraordinarily stressful and busy for the past 10 days. SIRIUS is in dire straits.” On Doggie in the Window, Deb Campbell of SF ACC emailed: “We’re currently closed for three weeks due to the Public Health Order. And – we don’t have any dogs for adoption.” Ace’s Sandy Rogers soldiered on and delivered her agility myth-busting article but emailed when filing, “I hope you are safe and sane with all that is happening … I enjoyed writing this; hope the paper will thrive on … not sure about Ace Dog Sports!”

My hope is that things will one day return to normal and the economy will again thrive, but today things looks grim, very grim. Stay safe and healthy — and do what you can to support the dog pros and canine businesses you know, trust, and love.

Main article photo by: Photo by Kristen Vallieu