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The Beauty of Dogs

The four artists included in this month’s Dogs in Art issue have a few characteristics in common.

All find inspiration in their animal subjects, love their “jobs,” and are immensely talented. But their work turns out to be as different as the dogs they interact with.

Bay Woof invited Barbara Brady-Smith (“Sharing the Joy”), Kathleen Hill (“A Love for Animals Drives the Art”), Tonya Perme (“It All Started with a Cat”), and Anne Mary Schaefer (“Capturing the Light Within and Without”) to share a bit about themselves and the photographs and artwork they come up with from their animal encounters. While all will work with other animals, Bay Woof stuck to dogs for obvious reasons.

Brady-Smith is an expert in the studio, Hill has a way with oils and colored pencils, Perme marvelously conveys texture with unusual close-ups, and Schaefer skillfully incorporates outdoor settings into her photos. All do a wonderful job of bringing out the essence of their subjects.

Speaking of essence, trainer Bonnie Brown Cali has some tips to get your and your dog ready for photo sessions in “Frame the Essences of Your Dog.” She offers a few tips for nonpros who want to get the most out of their snapshots of their dogs.

Meanwhile, everything is turning up puppies for Kelly Gorman Dunbar, who has a new little family member. And The Caninologist has his second Pup Quiz. In case you haven’t heard, heartworm disease deserves your attention. Thank you, Dr. Elinor Granzow of Alameda Pet Hospital, for the info on how to prevent this deadly disease in “Heartworm Disease Is Preventable,” this month’s Ask Dr. Dog column.

Finally, the clock is ticking for online-only Beast of the Bay 2019 voting. Phase one — the open-ended nomination component — ended April 30. As quickly as I can wrangle those most-popular nominees, phase two will begin. The drop-down menu of the competing top vote-getting nominees will be up by May 15, and dog lovers will have until June 15 to vote for their faves. Results appear in the August issue.

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