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The 2019 Tribute to Volunteers

For the November issue, Bay Woof invited San Francisco Bay Area animal welfare groups, including shelters and rescue organizations, to honor some of their outstanding volunteers.

The crop of volunteers singled out this month represent an array of dedicated animal lovers who cuddle kittens, socialize pups, scrub kennels, and clean litter boxes — often without being asked. They jump right in and get things done. They drive miles and miles to save animals from death, they bring the rescued critters into their homes as fosters, and they show up for every on-site or off-site adoption event. They raise funds, promote events, and pay attention to the most miniscule of details.

They coax shy, fearful dogs into becoming well-adjusted companions. They show compassion for oldsters, and fiercely love all their charges, even the ones suffering from terminal illnesses.

 Most seem have something in common: The animals come first. They donate countless hours upgrading websites, and they spiff up promotional material just so the animals they care for can better find their perfect forever home. 

These individuals tend to say yes when most people would say no. And then they come back the next week and do it all over again. Most animal welfare groups simply couldn’t exist without such dedicated unpaid assistants. These volunteers are their glue, filling in their gaps that can’t be met otherwise. 

Bay Woof extends deep gratitude to all the volunteers and the organizations the volunteers serve for doing so much for animal welfare. The world is a better place for the animals in it because of you and what you do. Thank you.

Read our feature, “Shelters, Rescues Are Grateful for Their Awesome Volunteers,” to see how volunteers are pitching in from Berkeley Humane to Valley Humane Society. If your organization was left out, email for inclusion in a later issue.

The dog in the top photo is Branson who was photographed at in Sausalito.

Main article photo by: Michelle Russ / Hilarious Hound in the Hotel Nikko's book 49 Dogs and One Cat