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Summer Fun With Fido

Summer is my favorite time of year, though I miss the heat and humidity of my home state, Arkansas. But I love the long days that allow daylight exploration of beaches, parks, and other hanging out spots.

But before you head out on a summer excursion, see what Kelly Gorman Dunbar has to say in The Monthly Woof in “A Summer Etiquette Lesson.” She offers solid summertime rules of etiquette that savvy dog owners would be wise to memorize. It boils down to advance research on canine appropriateness of where you might want to take your pooch, your pup’s own comfort level in such places, and your dog’s level of training. Once those are well in hand, head on out.

You can follow the lead of contributor Erin Deinzer who in “Canine Fun Spots for Summer” rounds up some ideas from around the Bay Area for seasonal fun, from canine camping, canine circus school, and hiking to tasting wine, beach frolicking, and doing Doga (that is yoga with your dog — and supposedly very entertaining.)

For you athletic runner dog-loving types, there’s a new sport for you: canicross. Eileen Francisco is an ultra runner who founded and directs Animal Run, a charity fundraiser for local animal welfare groups, and the second one is coming up this month. She would love to see you — and your pup — at the starting line of this race, which includes a 5k, 10k, or half-marathon, on July 21 at Point Pinole in Richmond. You can run the distance solo or take your best furry friend along if you choose the canicross portion. Learn how Francisco came up with her idea for a vegan and eco-conscious fundraising festival to support animal welfare in “Run With Your Dog at Animal Run.”

As usual, Bay Woof this month offers training advice, health tips, and other dog-oriented articles, including an introduction to Pet Cab 360 and an essay on the loss of a beloved canine family member.

Finally, look for the Beast of the Bay 2019 results in the August issue. The votes are being tallied now.