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Start Fresh and Have Fun in 2018

Want to get the most out of the New Year with your furry BFF? This month’s issue is chock-full of training tips and goal-setting advice from San Francisco Bay Area dog pros who know what they’re talking about.

Bridget Murphy of Koru K-9 Dog Training kicks things off in the Good Dog! column, stressing the importance of building a solid foundation with your dog that boils down to trust, mutual admiration, and clear expectations. Then, next up is Kelly Gorman Dunbar of SIRIUS Puppy fame in The Monthy Woof, and she advises a dog curriculum full of fun, short sessions, easy-to-follow steps, behavior management tricks, and the value of righteous rewards.

Meanwhile, agility guru Sandy Rogers of Ace Dog Sports urges dog lovers to make 2018 the year of agility and explains what newbies, including dogs and their humans, need to know so they can succeed. Ever-ebullient David Levin of Citizen Hound gives practical guidance about this goal-setting business, emphasizing the necessity of looking at the long-term nature of the process, using the likes of Ben Franklin and forcing open a pickle jar to make his points about encouraging behavior we do want from our dogs and putting an end to actions we consider unacceptable.

Other topics this month include the lowdown on getting the most out of hiking with your dog, understanding why dogs do what they do, winterizing your dog to guard against intestinal distress, and fashionable pooch-centric ponchos. Finally, The Caninologist, Carl T. Hall, in his latest installment, takes up the age-old canine conundrum of what exactly it means to be “sick as a dog.”

One more thing: Bay Woof wants your calendar news. From now on, calendar listings of up to $35 are free and every word thereafter is $1. The deadline for the February issue is Friday, Jan. 12. Email items to

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