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Sporting Fun

The canine sports issue is one of my favorites of the year because I get to learn about all kinds of activities people do with their dogs.

I tried agility with my golden and my collie, but neither girl was really into it that much, preferring, respectively, the water and barking. And our little Pomeranian, Memphis, would rather nap or snuggle.

A few years ago, a friend with whippets described for me lure coursing and the enthusiastic community that gathers to watch sighthounds do their thing at regular trials. So for this issue, I invited Guinn Borstel, whippet-enthusiast extraordinaire, to explain the ins and outs, and her article is“Hunting Without the Pursuit of Game.”

I also recruited Stacey Coleman, the founder of Silver Streaks Flyball, to explain what makes the fast-paced, competitive sport of flyball so addicting, and she delivers with “Bitten by the Flyball Bug.”

And when I saw how exciting urban mushing could be, I couldn’t help but search for someone learned to share his or her enthusiasm for that crazy-sounding sport and lucked out by connecting with Liz Parrish who recalls her days of urban mushing on gravel in her essay, “On By!”

I realize agility is a way less esoteric doggie-human pastime and has become a wildly popular every-dog sport, so Bay Woof touches on that, too: There’s core-conditioning advice from Dianne Morey in “Getting Down to the Core,” and Sandy Rogers discusses agility sans equipment in “The Benefits of Real World Agility.”

Finally, I want to echo Kelly Gorman Dunbar’s advice for canine extracurricular classes from this installment of “The Monthly Woof,” which is to have fun. That’s what it’s all about.

Canine Conditioning-infinityandbosuMarch 16, 2017

Photo by Dianne Morey



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