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Loving and Saving Dogs

Most of us will do just about anything for our dogs. That describes Janet Davis, whose beautiful Askbash dog, Keeva, appears on this month’s cover. She felt so passionately about the breed that she founded a nonprofit rescue group and works as a tireless breed ambassador to make sure these giant guardian dogs are understood and find the kind of homes they deserve. Read about her journey and love for the Akbash dog in “For the Love of the Akbash Dog.”

Likewise, I’m pretty fond of my canine companion, a stray who joined our family in July 2018. We rescued her from the streets of Oakland by way of a horse boarding facility, where sadly, animals are often dropped off with the hope for better lives. Folks at the barn later said they had seen this female crouching around Skyline Boulevard, the property, and near Grass Valley foraging for food. They thought she was a young coyote rather than a dog and had no success catching her.

Lucky for me, a couple felt tenderly toward her on that summer day, and they did earn her trust long enough to put her into their car. They came to the barn in search of someone who could do something for an abandoned, frightened pup. That turned out to be me, and I decided to take the shy girl in.

That same day at about the same time, another animal-loving passerby worked long and hard to lure an untrusting, wary, and shrewd stray dog to within her reach and succeeded, leashing the dog. She, too, came to the barn seeking assistance and found a few of us milling around the fraidy dog. The two dogs looked a little similar and greeted each. But when a third dog nosed in, the second reacted protectively toward my frightened one, and that behavior startled me.

I didn’t think much more about that dog when I left with the shaking girl whose tail was so tightly tucked in. But now I know the rest of her story, and so can you can reading their story, “Street Dog Story.”

Main article photo by: Kristen Vallieu