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Love Your Dog

We all love our dogs. Bay Woof celebrates that affection in every issue, but February — the month of Valentine’s, chocolate, roses, and sloppy kisses — seems like an apropos time to reflect on how our canines touch our hearts.

Berkeley Humane in October invited its friends and supporters to share adoption tales for a new fundraiser, and Bay Woof presents some lovely dog-oriented ones in “Dog Tales From Berkeley Humane.”  There you’ll meet Kendra, one of the pooches Berkeley Humane took in from Puerto Rico; Puppy, aka Bob the Dog, now the boss of the house in Benicia; and Trevor, whose immediate snuggle move promptly earned him his forever home. You’ll also meet Daisy, a plucky Pomeranian with something to say; Maurice, a onetime ’fraidy dog who overcame his fears to become an awesome therapy dog; and Suds, a cute, no-shedding model whose wonderful wagging made a family swoon. Bay Woof will publish a few cat tales from Berkeley Humane next month.

Speaking of swooning, Kelly Gorman Dunbar has fallen hard for her new housemate, Missy, a sickly 12-year-old cuddle bug whose owner sadly could no longer care for her and left her at a shelter. Dunbar is glad she took in the senior gal and claims she’s learning a lot from this potbellied-piggish pooch who has been contentedly chillin’ in her newfound safe haven. Read what lessons Missy has been teaching in “Impressions on the Heart.”

Another loves story of sorts comes from B Hana-Austin in “The Perfect Armpit Pooch.” It’s the tale of Shayna the Shihpoo from Yuba City, a Parvovirus survivor who compassionately comforted an entire roomful of mourners at a group meeting.

Finally, Bay Woof got around town this month, hobnobbing one afternoon in San Francisco’s Nob Hill at Batch, where the latest in dog home-themed décor was set forth in an inviting homelike setting, complete with a Dog Paw-ty and brand Ambassa-dogs. “Homemaking With Your Dog,” highlights the event and products that can make your home life so much brighter.