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Bravo, 2019 Beast of the Bay Winners

Bay Woof readers have spoken, and the results for Bay Woof’s 2019 Beast of the Bay contest are in. The list highlights outstanding 100 winners (and too many runners up to count) . Thanks to all the Bay Woof readers who first nominated their favorites and then returned for the second round that pitted top vote-getters against one another. Voter turnout this year was great.

I love the cover art Berkeley artist Brian Clarke, aka Les Toil, produced of a mischievous, scrappy fellow who has just snatched a medal away from its real winner, a well-coiffed proper Poodle.

The Beast of the Bay 2019 contest — this is Bay Woof’s 11th — shines the brightest with a robust nomination process, so Bay Woof is truly grateful for all our supporters who look forward to the annual competition with gusto and nominate with fury. Keep an eye out for the 2020 contest.

For each Bay Woof issue, I spend a lot of energy finding interesting news tidbits about dogs to share with readers in Nose for News. One item that stands out this month is that more dogs in Aspen, Colorado — a state where pot is legal — are winding up in veterinarian offices suffering from marijuana toxicity. See what one vet thinks is the surprising source.

Elsewhere this month, Kelly Gorman has a summer homework assignment for you in The Monthly Woof. The Caninologist, Cart T. Hall, contemplates whether dogs can actually know their names. And veterinarian Lauren Flato, also a trainer and the owner of Sit Stay Wag Dog Training, has some great ideas for reactive Rovers in Good Dog! You’ve heard of puppy kindergarten, right? Well, now there is kitty kindergarten, too, which sounds a lot like puppy socialization classes. Kitty Corner’s cat behaviorist, Dilara Göksel Parry of Feline Minds, tells you all about it this month at the height of kitten season, summer.